Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Historical And Commercial Review. 935
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Western Scale Warehouse.

The scale warehouse, of Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co.company is
locaied at 209 Market street The factory was established ia 1830, and
the sales sibee that period have been inmenhse, almost without calcula
tion. The value of the sales manufactured, and their correctness in ad-
justing, make them universally popular.

St. Louis Manufacturing Company.

Tho works of this company are situated at No. 716 Fifth street,
where is manufactured plain andfaney dbeskitt, casai meres, fulled cloth,
jeans, yarns, plaids, checks, linseya, flannels, blankets and carriage trim-
mers' cloth. The company also deal largely ia the article of wool, efc-
chang ing the same for cloth on the most liberal terms. It was incorpo-
rated in 1867, and is doing a large and lucrative business. The fabrics
manufactured by the company are equal in every respect to the foreign
article, and one need not go abroad to obtain the material for a beautiful

Shands & Papin.

Edward w.west Shands, and TheodorePapin, comprise the firm of
Shands & Papin , attorneys, commissioners .of deeds, conveyancers,
collectors of claims, notaries, etc., No, 304 Olive street, corner of Third.
These gehtlerrien are agents for the paymentof taxes, buying and selling
of land in al! the southern arid western States, and transact all business
pertaining to their usual avocations. Possessing an extensive acquaint-
ance throughout the country, and long experience and fine abilities in
the line of their profession, they do ample justice to all placing business
in their hands.

M. H. Saxton & Co.

The firm of Saxton & Co.company are large dealers in pianos, organs,
melodeons, music and musical instruments generally. Their wareroorns
are on the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets, under the Southern Hotel.
Probably there is no music house in the West of greater magnitude than
that of the above firm. Pianos of every known make, and every other
description of musical instrument to be found in the world, can be
purchased here. The house is indeed a credit to St. Louis, and her citi-
zens have no necessity for sending abroad to obtain either music 'or
musical instruments.

P. B0Dnev Adams.

All persons desiring to obtain photographs true to nature, and fin-
ished up in a style of superior excellence, should go to the portrait gal-
lery of this gentleman, at No. 215 North Fourth. He is ah artist of
rare attainments.