Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
904 Histotrical And Comeercial Review.
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thousand of which were brought directly from Chicago. Grain can
now be shipped by way of St. Louis and New Orleans, to New York
and Europe ten cents a bushel cheaper than it can be carried to the
Atlantic by rail.

The Population Of St. Louis.

The growth has been rapid. The following table shows the popula-
tion of St. Louis at different periods:—

1764 120
1780 687
1785 897
1788 1,197
1799 925
1811 1,400
1820 4,928
1828 5,000
1830 5,852
1833 6,397
1835 8,316
1837 012,040
1840 16,469
1844 34,140
1850 74,439
1852 94,000
1856 125,200
1859 185,587
1866 224,327
1867 245,200

And at the present writing the population may be safely estimated at
two hundred and forty-five thousand. At the lowest rate of decimal in-
crease, St. Louis in 1900 would contain more than one million inhabit-
ants. This number certainly seems to exceed the present probability of
realization, but the future growth of St. Louis, vitalized by the mightiest
forces of a free civilization, and quickened by the exchanges of a conti-
nental commerce, ought to surpass the rapidity of its past development.

Tonnage Of St. Louis.

The total tonnage of St. Louis, comprising steamers plying between
that and other ports, embracing the Lower Mississippi, Arkansas, White,
Cumberland, Tennessee, Upper Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri
rivers, as compiled July 1, 1866, amounted to $10,376,000; arrivals at
the port for 1866, 4,096; departures from the port for 1866, 3,066 ;
wharfage collected for same period of time, $80,666.00; the number of
boats that left St. Louis for the mountains during the year 1866, 51;
total tons freight, 10,385; number of steamboats built or completed at
St. Louis, during the year 1866, 24; amount of tonnage, 8,993.62.

Real And Personal Property.

The assessment of real and personal property for 1865-6, was as fol-
lows: 1865, $100,000,000; 1866, $126,877,000.

Railroads In Missouri.

The railroad system of St. Louis is exhibited in the following tabu-
lar statement:

Cairo and Fulton 37
Platte County 52
S. w.west Branch Pacific 88
Iron Mountain 87
North Missouri 170
Hannibal and St. Joseph 233
Pacific 283
Total length in operation in the State 950