Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Without Good Butter a Dinner is Spoiled; get it at D.Douglass, ', 210 Pine St.

(Drawing and Painting.)
Holmes, M. H.
Drarby's bldg. Olive, sw.southwest cor,corner 5th
(Music, See Music Teachers.)
Frantrob, Frederick, 1232 n.north 17th
Kunnan, B. A.90 (old No.) s.south 13th
Noack, William, 1617 Carr
Schimmer, Herman, 1335 n.north 15th
Timmerman, John H, 1524 Gratiot
Teas and Coffees.
(Importers and Dealers.)
China Tea Co.company Matthew, w.west Qnan, agt.agent 608 Franklin av.avenue
Forbes, James H.417 Franklin av.avenue
Foster & Rockwood . 318 n.north 2d
Hood & Bro. 610 Morgan
Hunt, Mathew, 906 Broadway, and 305 Cherry
Mackey, Willlain B., Pine, se.southeast cor.corner 2d
Menown, Hugh, 818 Broadway
Woodward & Garesche ,
414 n.north 2d
Teas and Spices.
Merwin George A. & Co.company of New York , 413 n.north 2d
Taylor, George w.west agt.agent 413 n.north 2d
Teas, Coffees, Sugars and Spices.
The American Tea Co.company
Lovell & Co.company proprs. 802 n.north 5th
(Importers and Wholesale Dealers.)
Farr, Edward,
agt.agent 505 n.north 2d
Forbes Bros, & White ,
214 Locust
Telegraph Offices.
Chicago and Mississippi Telegraph Office , 206 Olive
Western Union Telegraph Office , Rohert C.Clowry, ,
supt.superintendant Edgar H,Brown, , manager , 206 Olive
Tents, etc.
Clemens, John, 100 n.north Commercial
Holton, Horace,
4 City bldg. (See adv't page 92)
Apollo Garden Theatre , Emil, Latzwitspropr . 4th, se.southeast
eor. Poplar
DeBar's Ooera House , n.north Pine, bet.between 3d and 4th
Olympic, Theatre, Spalding & Bidwell , proprs . ws.west side 5th,
bet.between Walnut and Elm
Varieties, Theatre, George J.Deagle, , propr. ss.south side Market,
betbetween . 5th and 6th
Theatrical Goods.
Hirashberg, s.south9 n.north 5th
Threshers and Horse Powers.
Straub'S, Mills,
premium , Missouri State Fair, 1866.Barnum &
Bro. 14 and 16 n.north 2d
Threshers and Mowers.
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main. (See adv't page E, front col'd)
Semple, Birge & Co.company
13 s.south Main. (See adv't page F, front col'd)
Threshing Machines.
Koenig William & Co.company
207 n.north 2d
Owens, Lane. Dyer & Co.company
717 n. 2d. (See adv't front cover)
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron.
Gossel, August, 3216 Broadway
Sellew & Co.company
719 n.north Main
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.
Scboening, Frederick, 1020 Broadway
Uhrig s.south & L. Stark, 1420 Market
Wetzel, August, 718 and 720 s.south 2d
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Workers.
Allgeier, John J, Franklin av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner 20th
Cowell, Samuel,
802 n.north Levee
Flynn, John A.215 Chesnnt
Halpin & Cusack , 702 n.north Levee
Hastings, L. F.agt.agent 412 Locust
Hogan, Patrick. 903 n.north Levee
Homann August & Co.company
1232 Broadway
Huber, Charles L.731 s.south 7th
Hull & Cozzens , 417 n.north 3d
Kelly & O'Neal , 612 n.north Levee, and 6 Green. (See
adv't page 895)
Mueller, Christian, 818 Market
Mussler, Joseph, 500 s.south 2d
Obert, Charles C.3711 Broadway
Oxley, John e.east 508 n.north Levee
Schneider w.west & Co.company 307 s.south Levee
Seibel, Conrad, 810 s.south 2d
Snyder, H. M.112 n.north 12th
Sweney, James, 613 n.north Main
Willecken & Bro. 9th, sw, cor.corner Warren
Tin Plate and Metals.
Sellew & Co.company
719 n.north Main
Tinners' Tools and Stock.
Bridge, Beach & Co.company 120 n.north Main. (See adv't page
Filley, O. D.516 n.north Main
Horton, Benjamin,
705 and 707 n.north Main
Barthel, Theodore, 324 Walnut
Durand, John, 1709 s.south 7th
Frank, Francis, 1602 Carondelet av.avenue
Gerock, Julius, 1213 O'Fallon
Hannan, James s.south 315 s.south 5th
Hartmann, David, 405 Franklin av.avenue
Hicks, William M.215 s.south 14th
Kampmeyer, Rudolph, Carondelet av.avenue sw.southwest eor. Capitol
Keenan, John, 1018 Green
Mathias, Michael, 1025. n.north 7th
Mueller, Egidius, 1502 Carondelet av.avenue
Nischwitt, Frederlr, 1722 Carondelet av.avenue
Nitischtnann, Lohis, 1215 Biddle
Oestereech, John, 1919 Hamtramck
Preissle, Frank P.1324 Market
Prosche, Frederic, 1604 Carondelet av.avenue
Renz, Jacob, 2626 Market
Reutlinger, Daniel, 1213 n.north 13th
Schafer, Mathias, 1706 Market
Schuler, Henry. 2903 Carondelet av.avenue
Selgraund, John G., Rappahannock , ne.northwest cor.corner Gravob rd.road
Siegmund, Daniel, Rappahannock , ne.northwest cor.corner Gravois rd.road
Stinhaeufel & Bro. 12th, ne.northeast cor.corner Carr

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut.Interest allowed on time deposits . See adv't page 1038.

Drills, Osnaburgs and Ducks , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner vine Street.