Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Fine Butter for "Civilized White Men," at D.Douglass, '. No. 210 Pine Street.

Mette & Flacke ,
613 n.north 2d
Monks J.A. & Sons , 711 n.north 2d
Moody, Michel & Co.company
801 and 303 n.north 24, ne.northwest cor.corner Olive
Morse, e.east G.511 n.north 2d
Morris, Tavlor & Co.company 518 and 520 n.north 2d
Patchin, Paul P.418 n.north Commercial
Peckham, Peleg, 611 n.north 5th
Peper, Rassfeld & Co.company
407 n 3d
Plass F.w.west & Co.company
105 s.south 2d
Prather, Dix & Co.company
516 n.north Levee
Rauh Samuel & Co.company
104 s.south 2d
Remmler J & Bro. 419 s.south 2d
Rozier Ferd. F. & Co.company
521 n.north 2d. (See adv't page 893)
Ryan, Thomas, 517 and 519 n.north 2d
Seitz, Louis, 1627 Franklin av.avenue
Simpkins George w.west & Co.company
120 Pine
Smith Julius H. & Co.company 206 Walnut
Spaunhorst & Hackmann ,
708 and 710 n.north Main
Taylor, Thomas Mark, 204 n.north 2d
Thiemann & Reipschlaeger , 9199 Franklin av.avenue
Thompson M.&Co.company 11 Market
Tirrell, Jacob P.
318 n.north Commercial
Tower, George F.
525 n.north 2d
Triplett, Hanson & Co.company 513 and 515 n.north 2d
Westrup & Co.company
113 Vine
Wezler, Charles, 413 s.south 4th
Wissmann & Senden ,
715 n.north 2d
Westman J.B. & Co.company
822 Broadway
Wolff & Hynes , 4 s.south Levee. (See adv't page 86 and
M, front col'd)
Zengel, Joseph, 20 s.south 2d
Wines and Liquors.
(Wholesale and Retail.)
Bierman, Henry G.1422 Franklin av.avenue
Boeringer & Herzog , 15 and 17 s.south ed
Denning, Emil G.1210 Broadway
Flaven r.residence & M. 521 O'Fallon
Haggerty, A. M.406 and 408 s.south 7th
Moller & Ehlert ,
114 and 116 n.north 3d. (See adv't page 82)
Peckham, A. C.agt, 417 n.north 5th
Powell w.west H. & Co.company 221 Olive
Reipschlaeger A. & Co.company 221 Olive
Reipschlaeger A. & Co.company 1025 Franklin av.avenue
Vierling, John, 1409 Carondelet av.avenue
Wilde, Hepry T.1311 Franklin av.avenue
Wippern, Adolphus, 403 Franklin av.avenue
Wire Cloth
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Ludlow, r.residence C.215 Market. (See adv't page 110)
Saylor O.P. & Co.company 120 Market. (See adv't page 884)
Wire Goods.
Noyes, Aldenn & White-
Head , 420 n.north 3d
Wire Workers.
Empire Wire Works,
O.P. Saylor & Co.company proprs. 120 Market. (See adv't
page 884)
Ludlow, r.residence C.215 Market. (See adv't page 110)
Muecke, Hermann, 1117 s.south 3d
st.street Louis Wire Factory , Wm.Hartry, jr.junior propr. 24 s.south 3d
Wood and Coal.
Baldwin, Robert F.723 Clark av.avenue
Barth, Frederick, 1218 n.north 9th
Bellamy, George, 2413 Broadway
Bingham, w.west L.499 s.south 15th
Black, Alexander, es.east side 7thh, bet,between Biddle and Carr
Bosse, Charles H.1409 Ridgely
Brockeland & Doennewald , 1221 n.north 8th
Burtt, Thomas H.505 n.north 5th
Buchmann, Frederick, 519 s.south 14th
Cluskey, Edward, 819 Green
Diefenbach, Adam, 800 Carroll
Eckrie, Nicholas, Russelll av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner 7th
Ellis, H. L. 1139 Locust
Ellis, William1412 Broadway
Flohr, Jacob, 1335 n.north 6th
Foley, Michael, 2229 Franklin av.avenue
Gausmann, Henry, 1016 n.north 18th
Gemke, Henry, ns.north side Carr, bet.between 8th and 9thh
Gray, H.es.east side Mound, bet.between Levee and Main
Green, Gerhart, Levee, bet.between Hempstead and Bogy
Guerin & Quin , 816 n.north 7th
Hall, John McP.2101 Franklin av.avenue
Hammer, Charles, 2613 Carondelet av.avenue
Harris, James r.residence 23 s.south 14th
Hazard & Wilson ,
Market, ne.northeast corcorner 8th and 205 s.south 7th
Hertlingg, Henry, 713 Carroll
Hewitt, John, 609 and 611 s.south 4th
Husmann, Lewis.Levee. bet.between East Mound and Bogy
Jones, Sidney, 17th, ne.northwest cor.corner Orangge
Kappel Joseph & Co.company Hevvee, , sw.southwest corcorner Mullanphy
Kean, Michael, Washington av.avenue bet.between 7th and 8th
Kettler F. & Co.company
315 s.south 14th
Knight, John A.317 s 4th
Kremeyer, Henry, 13th, ne.northwest cor.corner O'Fallon
Lohmannn, Frederick, Carondelet av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner Arrow
Loy, John, 1015 n.north 10th and 519 s.south 4th
Massow, L. C.805 s.south 5th
Maner, John, 201 s.south 7th
McCann, James, 922 n.north 12th
McCreevy, James, 509 s.south 14th
Moehlenbrock & Kobusch , 3731 Broadway
Reichmann, William, 915 North Market
Richter, August, 2123 n.north 10th
Rohiting, w.west Louis, 1327 n.north 9th
Sage, Patrick D., Biddle, ne.northeast cor.corner O'Fallon
Scnureman, Henry, 17th, sw.southwest cor.corner O'Fallon
Scnureman & Co.company 1122 st.street Charles
Sexton, Henry (col'd), 1011 n.north 7th
Somers & Hoetermann , es.east side 10th, bet.between Chambers and
Spielker, Peter, 14th, ne.northwest cor.corner Chambers
Thomas, Jesse, 2025 Morgan
Tiemann, Jacob, 13th, ne.northeast corcorner Madison
Timperley & Co.company es.east side 8th, bet.between Wash and Carr
Tirre & Kroeger , 1610 Franklin av.avenue and 15th, se.southeast cor.corner
Titgemeier, Henry, 1716 n.north 9th
Wagener, John, 9th, ne.northeast cor.corner Chambers
Walter, August, 2213 n.north 15th
Wester, Henry, 1328 Benton
Wild Hermann & Co.company
Clark av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner 14th
Wilson, Thomas B.4th, ne.northwest cor.corner Spruce
Wood carvers.
Haage, Julius, 1540 Carondelet av.avenue
Pries, Albert, 502s.south 4th
Pringle, Robert, 425 n.north 5th
Seibert, Peter, 1105 n.north 13th
Strong & Johanus , 313 Locust
Vallet 7 Legost , 1023 n.north 12th

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main & Walnut Sts.streets Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Plain and Barred Jaconets, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.