Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D.Douglass, , 210 Pine st.street , Butter, Cheese And Commission Merchant.

Burr Mill Stones (French).
(Builders and Dealers.)
Todd G. & w.west & Co.company
Office, 917 and 919 n.north 2d, factory, 906 to 918 col-
lins. (See adv't page 102)
Aiken, , Reynolds & Co.company 514 n.north Commercial
Alfeld, Charles, 4 Central market
Altenbrod, Christian, 29 Central market
Ande, George, Adele , nr.near Jefferson av.avenue
Andre, X.214 s.south 2d
Andrews, Joseph F.45 City market
Atzert, Peter, s.south Sturgeon market
Baker, Joseph w.west I. Centre market
Ball, James, 99 Biddle market
Bechtler, Cassimer, Carr market
Beisheir, B. H.75 Lucas market
Berger, Charles, Carr market
Berger, Charles, New City market
Berger, J. D.27 Lucas market
Berkley, Ambrose, 55 Central market
Bienhake, J. F., North market
Bille, August, 3053 Cuss av.avenue
Bindbeutel, Frederick, Adele, nr.near Jefferson av.avenue
Bischoff, Frederick, 7 Lucas market
Bischoff, Henry, 20 Lucas market
Blentz, John, 1 Biddle market
Boening, Christian, 52 City market
Bredengerd, John, 24 Biddle market
Brooks, Joseph, 76 Lucas market
Brunnick, James, North market
Brunnick, James, North market
Burger, B.36 Cent al market
Burnet, John T.23 Lucas market
Butler, James, 4 City market
Butte, William, 16 Central market
Calianan, John, 1847 n.north 10th
Carrick, Adam, Grand av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Natural Bridge plank
Case, G. M.20 Lucas market
Clancy, Timothy, 2813 O'Fallon
Clary, William, 35 City market
Coates, John, 13 City market
Collet, John e.east 50 lucas market
Couvion, Edward, 2726 Clark av.avenue
Davis , George K.14 Lucas market
Keal, Conrad, 46 Lucas market
Deibel, Hugo, 4 Biddle market and 1 Mound market
Denny, Jamesj.9 Lucas market
Dickey, Robert, 19 and 21 Lucas market
Dillon, Danial, 11 Lucas market
Dillon, David, 32 City market
Dillon, John s.south 30 Lucas market
Dillon, Thomas, Bratte av.avenue bet.between Conde and Warren
Doebeck, Ludwig, New City market
Draude, Charles, 48 City market
Duerbeck, Louis, 49 City market
Durbeck, William.8 Biddle market
Eagan, Patrick, 11 City market
Edmonds, George, 9 Sturgeon market
Engel & Da unsling , 1504 Carondelet av.avenue
Farbar, H. G.80 Lucas market
Faulbaber, Valentin, 1110 n.north 9th
Ferrara, Gabriel, es.east side Pratte av.avenue bet.between Davis and Cass av.avenue
Ferrara, John, North market
Fiedeler, August, 42 Lucas market
Fiedler, William, 8 City market
Field, e.east P.48 Lucas market
Finley, RichardNorth market
Fitzsimmons, Frederick, 2632 Chouteau av.avenue
Flanagan, Michael, 38 City market
Flory, Edward, 34 Central market
Foerstel, w.west T.12 Lucas market
Foerstel, Anton, 10 Central market
Foerstel, Michael, 1 Centre market
Frank, Henry, Biddle, ne.northeast cor.corner 18th
Frein, John, 49 Central market
Freivogel, Daniel, North market
Friese, Philip, 9 Biddle market
Fritz, Gottlien, North market
Froesch, Henry, ss.south side Sidney, nr.near Gravois rd.road
Garber, Florence, Eliot, se.southeast cor.corner Coude
Gardner, Wilbur, 1801 Morgan
Gauss, George, 35 Biddle market
Gasser, Martin, 2 Stu geon market
Gaubatz, Frederick, Lucas market
Gavin, Patrick, 1111 Wash
Gele, John, 13 Biddle market
Gelshaeuser, Andrew, French market
Gelshaeuser, Henry, 3 South market
Geishaeuser, Hermann, 24 Central market
Gerber, Lawrence, 14 City market
Gibbins, Henry, 24 Biddle market
Goebel, Louis, 3 City market
Goelz, John, 22 Central market
Grady, Michael, 2 Lucas market
Graham, George, 5 Sturg on market, and 3218 Broadway
Grant, william D.I. Lucas market
Gropp, George, 2 City market
Haehner, Charles F.3 Mound market
Haligan, Thomas, 23 New city market
Hareg, henry, Bodier , sw.southwest cor.corner 16th
Haelwander, Elias, 26 City market
Heitzeberg, Theodore.36 Biddle market
Heitzler, August, 19 Central market
Held, henry, 14 Central market
Hennessey, Michael, 33 City market
Henseler, Frank, 10th, sw.southwest cor.corner Carr
Hepp, Joseph, 15 Sturgeon market
Hertaing, William, 300 Anna
Hertling, William, 37 Central market
Herzing, John, 88 Lucas market
Heyl, William, North market
Hiede, Charles, 2 Washington market
Hildebrand, Henry, 10 Lucas market
Hochmuth, Andrew, North Market
Hoffman, John, 11 Centre market
Hoffmann, George, 28 Biddle market
Hogan, Thomas, 23 City market
Hoggderfer, Anton, 30 Central market
Hohenschild, William, 2 Central market
Hinter, George A.2736 Franklin av.avenue
Joyal, Oliver, 54 Central market
Kahmann, herman, 2302 Chouteau av.avenue
Kaut, George, 27 Biddle market
Kehm, George, 37 Lucas market
Kelier, John5 Sturgeoh market
Keppler, Charles, 28 Central market
ketterer, Bernard, 1620 Market
Krekeler, Charles.2015 n 14th
Kiely, Thomas, 15 New city market
Koeisner, William, Adele, nr.near Jefferson av.avenue
Koehler, Louis, North market
Koehler, William, North market
Kohler, Conrad, 15 Central market
Kohn, Bernard, 58 Central market
Kottschammer, John, 3 Biddle market
Kraft, Frederick, 17 and 18 Sturgeon market
Kraft, John, 9 Mound market
Kraft, Phillip, 7 Sturgeon market
Kroeger, Henry, Carr market
Kroeker, Thomas, North market
Kroeker, William, North market
Kroenlein, Frederick, North market
Kroeper, Peter, 40 City market
Krome, August, 9 Central market
Kron, August, 9 Sturgeon market
Laechal, Andrew, Lucas market
Langenecker, Simon, ws.west side Sorphis, nr.near Pestalozzi
Lansguth, Adam, Central market
Layer, David J.18 lucas market
Lederie, Julius, 46 City market
Lennon, Patrick, 29 City market
Lenz, Henry, 25 Lucas market
leopold, Mathias, 3128 Carondelet av.avenue
Lipphardt, Henry, 25 Central market
Loser Christian & Co.company 924 Biddle
Lutz, Theodore, 8 Mound market
Mack, James, 36 City market
Maryson, John, North market
Maturin, Thomas, North market
May, Charles, Central market
May, Gotleib, 17 Central market
Mayer, charles H.12 Biddle market
McCarthy, John, 4 Washington market
McGoldrick, Patric22 City market
McMahon, martin, North market
Meany, John, 5 biddle market
Meier, Joseph, North market
Meisbach, Henry, 52 Central market
Meissbach, George A.23 Central market
Mertian, Adam, ns.north side Arrenal, nr.near 24 Carondelet av.avenue
Metzger, Jacob, 7 Central market
Mishler, Paul P.38 Lucas market
Miller, toney, 18 central market
Moeller, Bernhar, Carondelet av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner arsenal
Mulhall, George w.west , North market and 1501 Morgan
Muller, Stephen, 88 Central market
Murmann, Bernard, Biddle market
Murphy, James, 2107 O'Fallon

Excersior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Streets. See adv't bus. dept.

Black and Fancy Velvel Vestings, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine st.street