Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Choice Butter And Cheese On Hand, by D. Douglass, No. 210 Pine Street.

Cabinet Makers.
(See also Furniture Manufacturers.)
Adams, George r.residence 1007 st.street Charles
Aude, Dariel, 1707 Franklin av.avenue
Boehme, F. G.105 n.north 5th
Brinkmenn, Fred1718 Wash
Barns, Ferdinand, 711 n.north 11th
Codding J. 0. & Co.company
307 and 309 st.street Charles. (See adv't page 82)
Boerner, John, 808 Geyer av.avenue
Fischer, Charles, al.alley bet.between 10th and 11th, Market and
Friederich, William.2512 n.north 9th
Hermann, Frederick, 320 Monroe
Hilker, Heinrich, 3929 Kossuth
Hlmstedt, Conrad, 1418 Madison
Kieselhorst, John A.2708 Manchester rd.road
Knickmeyer, John F.1314 Jefferson
Koening, Ludwig F.1422 Lucas
Lankey, Frank L.119 s.south 7th
Lammert, Martin, rear 1618 Wash
Linkogel, Joseph, 921 O'Fallon
Haas, William, 4118 n.north 10th
Marston & Kent , 1217 Olive
Neifind, Peter, 4026 Broadway
niemann, Dletrich, 1221 s.south 3d
Pamkas, William, 1920 Broadway
Peters, Joseph, 2010 n.north 15th
Pottinger, Louis, 918 n.north 7th
Ream, Chsrles M.1ll n.north 12th
Rellmann, Henry U.16th, betbetween , Bremen ar. and Garl-
Schiermeyer, Frederick, 18th, bet.between Farrar and Bremen
Schweich & Mueller , 1422 Market
Speid, Christian, 708 s.south 7th
Steinbach, Joseph, 2000 Franklin av.avenue
Stippe, William, 4036 n.north 10th
Stoppelkamp, Joseph, 1808 Fnlton
Umbach, Caspar, 1905 Rosatti
Walter, Bernhardt, 2617 Franklin av.avenue
Wiesemnn, Frederick, rear 1020 n.north 9th
Willig, Frederick, 102 s.south 7th
Wolfram, Joreph H, 1023 Market
Cabinet Organs.
Mason & Hamlin Cabinet
Organs, M.H. Saxton & Co.company agts, . Walnut, se.southeast
cor.corner 5th. (See adv't corner cards, General Directory)
Candle Manufacturers.
(Se also Soap and Candle Manufacturers.)
Anheuser & Eisenhardt ,
111 Market
Goodwin, Behr & Co.company Ulric , bet.between Poplar and Randolph
Neuer, Ernest, 123 Market
Schaeffer, Nicholas,
112, 114 and 118 Locust
Candy Manufacturers.
(See also Confectioners, Wholesale.)
Bailey, S. H.309 n.north 8d
Blanke & Brother ,
Western Candy Factory ,
612 Market Street,
st.street Louis, Mo.Missouri
Assorted, Stick and Fancy Candies , also Nuts, Fruits
and Fancy Groceries.
Field Frank & Co.company
119 s.south Main
Hesselmeyer & Hymers , 117 and 119 Locust
Walter, Frederick, 8d, ne.northeast cor.corner Myrtle. (See
adv't page 889)
Cane Mills.
Koenig William & Co.
207 n.north 2d
Car Lamps.
Meyrese F. & Co.company 723 s.south 4th
Car Springs.
Parrell, Joseph O.1429 n.north 10lh. (See adv't pege
Union Car Spring Manu-
Factcring Co.company of New york , F.Wm.Reader, ,
agt.agent 307 Locust
Car Wheel Foundry.
Green David P. & Co.company Broadway , ne, cor. Harrisom
Car Works.
Union Car Works and Railway Foundry Co.company Henry, M.
Willard, sec.secretary 1424 n.north Main. office, 217 n.north 3d
Carpenters and Builders.
Allen, George O.202 s.south 10th
Allers & Dunn , 2519 Broadway
Baker L.D. & Co.company
421 n.north 12th
Ballard, William, 1420 n.north 8th
Balmer, John D.es.east side Bellefontaine rd.road se.southeast cor.corner Talcott av.avenue
Barron, Samuel, 121 Centre
Barton, James s.south 519 Elm
Becker, George, McNair av.avenue cor.corner Victor
Bent, Herman, 1305 n.north 11th
Berthe, A. T.709 n.north 11th
Bertonkamp, William, 4212 n.north 10th
Bertram, Charles, Charles, , ne.northeast cor.corner Jefferson av.avenue
Bevin, William T.718 Clark av.avenue
Biermann, Albert, ns.north side Warren, bet.between Pratte av.avenue and 21st
Bigelow & Griffin ,
210 and 212 s.south 3d
Bisser, Anton, 2206 Buel
Blanke, Theodor, 1213 s.south 3d
Blount, James e.east 626 Green
Bovart, William C.2129 Gamble av.avenue
Briggs, William J.1430 Franklin av.avenue
Brinckmeyer, John O., Benton, ne.northwest cor.corner 20th
Brownell, Charles, 1911 Christy av.avenue
Buelier, Conrad J.g., Ohio, sw.southwest cor.corner Menard
Burch, Charles, 1833 Biddle
Cameron, A.213 Centre, bet.between 13th and 14th
Carpenter, Valentine P.19 s.south 9th
Carroll, Richard, 309 n.north 14th
Christman, Martin, 2020 Market
Clucas, Thomas, ss.south side Caroline, nr.near Pratte av.avenue
Codding J.O. & Co.company
307 And 309 st.street Charlei. (See adv't page 82)
Dalmas, William B.4306 Broadway
Davis, Heinrich, 1728 Buel
Davis & Miller , 1213 Chesnut
Davls & Ritchie , 213 s.south 13th
Degen, Frank J.al.alley bet.between Decatur and Buel, nr.near Arrow
Delsz, Michael, 1122 Salisbury
Diehl, Philip, 818 Russell av.avenue
Diestelkamp, —, 718 ½ n.north 4th
Doerk, George, ns.north side Rotgera, bet.between Columbus and Main
Doyle, William A.501 n.north 5th
Dunn, Patrick, Jamea, , bet.between Crittenden and Pestalozzi
Duerk, Mathew, ns.north side Arsenas, bet. 7th and 8th
Buethmann, Herrmann, 1108 Geyer av.avenue
Durkes, Henry, Indiana av. se cor. Cherokee
Eagleson William H. & Co.company 611 s.south 16th
EtteChristian., 2505 n.north 15th
Faller, Christian,
1228 n.north 8th
Fangmann, Deiterlch, 1808 North Market
Fltzgerald, Francis, 1288 s.south 5th
Friedrlch, Michael, 1815 Fulton
Fritach, Frederick, 335 Menard
Frye, John H.1508 and 1508 Closey
Garard, Thomas r.residence 2901 Manchester rd.road
Givens & Adams , 609 chesnut
Goesse, Joseph B., O'Fallon, se.southeast cor.corner 9th
Goody Van B. & w.west s.south 411 n.north 9th
Gray, William e.east al.alley bet.between 4th asd 5th, Pine and Olvs
Grieser, Ignat, 1314 Jacksob
Griesmann, Valentine, 2020 Market
Grisamann, Joseph, 2020 Market

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts.streets Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Black and fancy Italian., A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main corner Vine Street.