Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D.A. January & Co.company . Sngar, Coffee, Teas, Splces, Dyes, &c. , 406 & 408 n.north 2d Street.

Whipple File Manufacturing Company Files and Rasps, A. F Shapleigh & Co., No. 414 North Main St., St. Louis.

China, Glass and Qseensware.
Filley, Chauncey I.
409 n.north Main
Sturrock, William H.
15 s.south 4th
Chocolate and Coeoa.
Fuller, Charles C.
217 Washington av.avenue
Barnum & Bro.
14 and 16 n.north 2d
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main (See adv't page E front col'd)
Cider and Small Beer.
Green & Clark ,
2000 and 2O02 Pine
Cider and Wine Mills.
Koenig William & Co.company
207 n.north 2d
Cider Depot.
Green & Clark ,
2000 and 2002 Fine
Cider Manufacturers.
Klinge & Graf , 1829 s.south 7th
Cider Mills.
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main. (See adv't page E, front col'd)
Semple, Birge & Co.company
13 s.south Main. (See adv't page F, front col'd)
Cider Yinegar Depot.
Reichardt Gottlob Louis ,
1630 Linn
Cigar Boxes.
Lahnmnn, Ernst, 1890 a. 7th
Page, Kilburn & Bro.
112 and 114 n.north 3d. (See adv't page 882)
Cigars. (Manufacturers.)
Bach, William, 115 Chesnut
Bartscher, William, 829 and 881 North Market
Beckman, John H.2518 Broadway
Berens, B. F.Sd, sw. cor. Locust
berens, John610 Fraklin av.avenue
Boedeker, August, 916 Franklin av.avenue
Biant & Goodrich , 702 n.north 4th
Brueggemanu, P. w.west 1812 Decatur
Dunker, M.
324 s.south 4th
Fischer, F.w.west 102 s.south 2d
Folkers, Frederick A.1137 n.north 5th
Greve, John V.507 n.north 8d
Grimm, Hugo, 118 s.south 2d
Hegelschwiler, John, 1518 Franklin av.avenue
Heinrtck, Julius, 1308 Biddle
Hoch, Adamjr.junior 714 O'Fallon
Kaufmann, August w.west , Market, ae, cor. 3d
Kober, Leopold, 1009 Market
Kohlbry, Charles, 3608 Broadway
Krauee, John T.J402 Broadway
Lattermaun A. & Co , es.east side Bellefontaine rd.road ar. Talcott av.avenue
Laupp, Christian, 2018 State
Lloyd, Mahlon, 112 n, Sd
lockbrfnk, William, 1517 Salisbury
Mark & Mest , 921 s.south Main
Michael, George, 1026 Market
Monaster, H.w.west 414 Olire
Naaert Hn.north & Kalb , 123 s.south 2d
Niel, Emanuel, 1288 Spruce
Nieman, F, C. 421 n.north 8d
Paltzer, Jacob D.720 Howard
Pinter, John, Carondelet ar.bet.between Haraa and Marine a
Rudolph, Henry, 2734 manchester rd.road
Schneppe, Charles w.west 906 Market
Bcholtaeier, Rudolph, 1021 Broadway
Stock, John, Carondelet av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Bryan
Thirolf, Gabriel, 727 Frankiin av.avenue
Ury, herman, 116 Market
wawerzinovsky, Henry, 224 Pine
Wuschke, Joseph, 7th, sw.southwest cor.corner Ann av.avenue
Cigars ana Tobacco.
(Importers and Dealers.)
Miller, schluter & Co.company 107 n.north 4th
Norris, Taylor & Co.company 518 and 520 n.north 2d
Simons Edward & Bro.
828 n.north Main
Cigars and Tobacco.
(Retail. See also Tebacco and Cigars.)
Anton, Sasi, 2921 Broadway, nr.near Palm
Asinger & Grosch , 1927 Market
Auge, Adam A.1808 Franklin ar.
Bachmann, Philip, 1805 s.south 7th
Beckmaan, John H.2518 Broadway
Barens, B. F.3d, sw. cor . Locust
Bernstein, Isadore, 201 ½ n.north 4th
Blattermann, gustav H.815 Pine
Bleidorn, Francis, 1516 Carondelet ay.
Bloch & Bro. 1532 Franklin av.avenue
Boette, August, under Barnum's hotel
Bohlinger, Paul, 608 s.south 7th
Brinkman, August, 211 Green
Brown, Phillip, 305 Morgan
Bueter, Ctemens1181 Broadway
Burnett, Mary J, 108 n.north 7th
California Cigar Store , A. Bernstein, agt.agent 339 n.north 4th
Clarke, John.2810 Broadway
Caswell, C. M.826 Olive and 218 n.north 4th
Crancer, Valentine, 411 Wash
Dannermann, George, 614 Washington av.avenue
Banser, Charles.219 s.south Main
Davis, John B.411 Washington av.avenue
Davis J.s.south & Co.company 26 s.south 4th
Defleber, William, 32 s.south 4th
Dieckmann, Louis, 1002 a. 4th
Doerges, Herman, 1808 n.north Sth
Dreger, Valentin, 1724 Carondelet av.avenue
Buis, Frederick.1214 Biddle
Donker, Casper H.322 s.south 4th
Durkan, B. w.west 125 Olive
Effiy, Joseph, 225 Chesnut
Ehnert, Elisabeth, 1714 Decatur
Elnfeldt, Louise, 517 s.south Main
Einstein, A. L.301 n.north 3d
Eisner, Anna, 708 s.south 2d
Rrder, Adam, 2103 Morgan
Eschelbach, George, 802 a. 3d
Fehl, Christoph, 1801 s.south 7th
Fehlmann, John,
importer , Havana cigars. 215 n.north 3d
Fichler, Bdward, 1207 Biddle
Finswrbusch, Charles G.2811 Chouteau av.avenue
Fischer, F. w.west 101 s.south 2d
Folders, Frederich A.5th, sw.southwest cor.corner Biddle
Frederichs, John, 1235 s.south 5th
Freund, Simon, 1514 carondelet av.avenue
Frey, Andrew, 717 s.south 2d
Fricke, Hermann, 620 n.north 5th
Fritsch, Julius, 119 s.south 4th
Gaviddis, Samuel, 1021 s.south Broadway
gaffon, Arnold H.735 s.south 7th
Gebhardt, Gottfried, 2616 Carondelet av.avenue
Geldmacher, Ludwig, 1082 Carondelet av.avenue
Gerhold, Fred. H.161/2 n.north 4th
Gerhold, Henry,
2122 n.north 14th

Serges and Satin Dechaines, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.