Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Butter and Cheese to order for Mountain Trade, by D. Douglass, 210 Pine st.street

Architectural Iron Works.
Pawly & Corell ,
114 and 116 Morgan
Artificial Flowers.
Jacquemin, Frederick.209 s.south 4th
Sarbazin, Charles, 317 n.north 4th
Artificial Fuel.
st.street Louis Fuel and Kindling Co.company Bohn & Brengle , proprs.
310 n.north 6th
Artificial Honey.
Stone & Bronson , 407 Myrtle
Artificial Limbs.
Fravel, John, 606 Washington av.avenue
Lockwood, Lewis,
413 Pine
(See also Portrait Painters.)
Bergerou, Pierre, McNair av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Crittenden
Fiuegel, Jacob, 1244 s.south 5th
Herzinger, Emile L.607 s.south 3d
Hoefer, Ferdinand, rear 1424 Franklin av.avenue
Hofmann, George, 500 s.south 4th
Schultze, Louis, 12 s.south 5th
Artists' Materials.
Boehne & Gerken ,
518 n.north 3d
Doellner, Henry, 209 Chesnut
Pettes & Leathe ,
406 s.south 4th
(See also Fortune Tellers; also Claircoyants..}
Lomow, Meder, 524 Franklin av.avenue
Max, Samuel, 1543 s.south ?th
Stewart, Leonidas, 805 st.street Charles
Wheelock, Madame, 205 s.south 5th
Attorneys at Law.
(See Lawyers.)
Auction and Commission Merchants.
(See also Commission Merchants.)
Hall A.I. & Co.company
412 n.north Main
Kennon, Frederick A.18 s.south 5th
Morgan, William, 412 n.north 4th
Auction Goods.
Burgoyne, David n.north 121 n.north Main
Sewell, A. M.114 n.north 4th
Sewell, M.918 Broadway
Anctlon and Sale Stables.
(See also Livery and Sale Stables.}
McAteer Dan. & Co.company 5th, ne.northwest and ne.northeast cors. Carr
Belt & Priest , 219 Chesnut
Brinck, W. F.416 n.north 5th
Lanham, Philips.south 420 Walnut
Levi, George G.608 n.north 4th
Loew, Solomon, 416 Carroll
Marsot Francis X. & Co.company 1404 Carondelet av.avenue
McHose & Steger ,
1800 s.south 5th
Murdoch & Dickson , 204 and 206 n.north Main
Sewell, A.Marsh, 920 Broadway
Tissier, Francis, 1186 Broadway
Whedon e.east H. & Son ,
306 end 210 n.north Main
(See also Oculists and Aurists.)
Rumbold, T. F.523 Pine
Awnings, Tents and Tarpaulins.
(Manufacturers. See also Tent and Sail Lofts.)
Bishoff & Fesenfeldt ,
522 n.north Commercial
Axle Grease.
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Donovan & Feiferlick , 115 n.north 2d
Preis, August, 2119 Decatur
Zckowsky, John, 8th, bet.between Rutgers and Park av.avenue
Bag Manufacturers.
Bemis & Brown ,
6 n.north Commercial
Chase H. & L.
114 s.south Commercial
Drew J.H. & Co.company 5 Market
McGrew & Co.company
310 n.north Commercial
Bags and Bagging.
Chase H. & L.
114 s.south Commercial
Larkin Thomas H. & Co.company
301 n.north Levee, and 300 n.north Commercial
St. Louis Bagging and Rope Oo.L. Levering , pres.president 12th.
sw.southwest cor.corner Austin, office, 821 n.north 2d
Andreas, John, 2516 Carondelet av.avenue
Appel, George, 1205 Biddle
Baler, Charles, 828 Franklin av.avenue
Barrett & Kinniff , 212 n.north 7th
Becker, John P.1411 Benton
Beckerle, Michael, 1904 Jackson
Blermann, Francis J.825 and 827 Wash
Billings B.M. & Co.company 611 Morgan
Block, Hermann, 1458 Jackson
Block H. & Brother , 623 Market
Borbein, William, 912 n.north 13th
Brendel, Philipp, 1704 Franklin av.avenue
Broeder, Philip, 2107 Franklin av.avenue
Bruker, Jacob, 1331 s.south 7th
Buecker, Stephen, Gravois, , nr.near Jefferson av.avenue
Burghard, Charles, 9th, aw.cor.corner Mound
Carroll, Jerry, 1815 Biddle
Class, Charles, 202 s.south 20th
Clark, Thomas, 1921 n.north 13th
Cook, Elvira w.west Mrs.1209 s.south 7th
Craden, Peter, 3313 n.north 11th
Cummings, J hn, 10 Spruce
Dellit, Andreas, 1000 Park av.avenue
Dickbrader, Casper H.2404 Biddle
Dieringer, Friedrich, 2128 Carondelet av.avenue
Dierks & Co.company 1102 n.north 13th
Diesacker, John, 1126 Salisbury
Dolde, Christiane, 1912 Hamtramck
Dreste, Anton, 1427 s.south 7th
Engel, Adolph, 1824 Buel
Ferren, William J.4th, sw.southwest cor.corner Myrtle
Fischer, John, 1510 Jackson
Flaherty, Edward J.707 Green
Freund, Meritz, 917 Soulard
Fritz, John, 612 s.south 2d
Frochlich, Henry, 400 s.south 2d
Gatsche, Frederick, Gravois rd.road bet.between McNair av.avenue and
Gansz, Lorenzo, 928 Market
Gels, Nicholas, ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Arsenal and Gate
goebbels, Henry, 1904 Broadway
Haas, John, 2722 Franklin av.avenue
Haberberger, George, 413 Marion
Hadiday, Alfred, 300 s.south 7th
Hain, Paul, 1832 Buel

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main & Walnut Sts.streets Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually

Black Cloths and Doeskins, A, Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main, corner Vine Street.