Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D. A. January & Co.company , Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries , 406 & 408 n.north 2d st.street

Table And Pocket Cutlery , A. F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 North Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Millar, Lena Mrs.821, 7th
Maloney, Margaret Mrs.615 Morgan
Moloney, Mary Mrs.1620 Morgan
Moore, Anne Eliza Mrs.918 n.north 6th
Moran Celia & Ellen , 1211 n.north 7th
Morrill Mrs. & Watkins , 9 n.north 5th
Mueller, Angusta, 618 Marion
O'Brien, Mary Miss.920 Walnut
O'Donnell, Kate Mrs.811 s.south Charles
Okelomska, Emily Mrs.803 Morgan
Oves, A. Mrs.911 Park av.avenue
Owens, Mary Mrs.2103 Morgan
Pelis, Lisa Madam, 818 Olive
Parke, M. L. Mrs.410 n.north 7th
Parker, L. Mrs.1014 Webster
Parkhill, Ellen Mrs.1024 Washington av.avenue
Pickerman, Varoney Mrs.1897 Spruce
Plerran, M. C.P. Miss.1427 Market
Pratt, Elvira e.east 1004 Webster
Presher, Catherine, 1227 s.south 5th
Preaser, Mary A. Mrs.1986 Franklin av.avenue
Quinton, Sallie Mrs.208 n.north 12th
Rawak, Esther Madam, 822 n.north 5th
Reynolds, Emma Mrs.614 Spruce
Rhoads, Delia G. Mrs904 n.north 6th
Rindenspacher, Auguste, 761 s.south 2d
Roseoburg, George Mrs.815 n.north 15th
Rosenhal, Madeline, 1010 n.north llth
Ross, Susan Mrs.604 Olive
Rouse, Anna e.east 2005 Broadway
Ruble, Elizabeth J. Mrs.717 n.north 7th
Racker, Elisabeth T.527 Wash
Saettele, Mary, 522 Barry
SarazanEllen, Mrs.420 s.south 4th
SarazanEllen , J. Mrs.225 Locust
Schaefer, Hannah Mrs.n.north 16th, nw,northwest cor.corner Chouteeu av.avenue
Schraeder, Caroline Mrs.921 n.north 9th
Schuetz, Appollonla, 1803 Menard
Schultze, Amelia Mrs.1805 s.south 5th
Schwara, Lina Miss, 209 s.south 4th
Shanly, Lucy, 2211 Franklin av.avenue
Sheehy, Catharine Mrs.1419 Cass av.avenue
Shinn, Mary e.east Mrs.613 n.north 7th
Shockey, Louisa B. Mrs.1017 Market
Sloper, B. Mrs.707 Olive
Smith, A. M.702 n.north 7th
Smith, Elizabeth Mrs.820 n.north 5th
Smith, Maria, 5th, cor.corner O'Fallon
Snowberger, L. Mrs.612 Olive
SpragueAbigail , J.926 n.north 5th
Stankwiez, Caroline, 409 Rutgers
Stanton, Margaret Mrs.9 n.north 15th
Stelner, Catharine Mrs.1068 O'Fallon
Steinwender, M. Mrs.329 Market
Steritt, Clara Mrs.23 s.south 8th
Stewart, Rosa Miss, 908 n.north 14th
Stoddard, Mary J.2819 Cozens
Stolz, Fannie, 18 s.south 7th
Strub, Agatha, 1250 s.south 3d
Taylor, John Mrs.1628 Franklin av.avenue
Tolandano, e.east Miss, 319 Walnut
Truax, mary, 1253 s.south 3d
Walstad, mary Mrs.1106 w.west Brooklyn
Ward, Fannie Mrs.421 n.north 6th
Weldner, Mary A.117 n.north 6th
Wheeler, Sarah Miss, 925 n.north 6th
Williams, Elizabeth Miss, 1018 Wash
Wilson, M. L. Mrs.410 St. Charles
Woodruff, Anna e.east Miss, 716 n.north 8th
Youngs, e.east B. Mrs.1588 Franklin av.avenue
Young, Fannie Mrs.306 Poplar
Dress and Cloak Trimmings.
Gumersell, Richard, 413 n.north 4th
Drug Brokers.
Cozzens James G. & Co.company
121 and 128 Locust
Druggists' Fancy Goods and Sundries.
Collins Bros. 823 and 425 n.north 2d
Goodyear'S India Rubber
Glove Mnfg. Co.company J.Mabbett, , agt , 417 n.north 4th
Druggists' Glass furniture.
Bugel, Max A.
20 s.south 2d
Hopper & Co.company 106 Olive
Jourdan & Marry , 412 n.north 2d
Krelter, Peter, 112 s.south 9th
Merrell, Jacob s.south 511 and 513 St. Charles
Blow, Curd & Co.company
217 end 219 n.north Main
Brown, Weber & Graham ,
210 n.north 2d
Collins, Brothers, 423 and 425 n.north 2d
D'Oench William & Co.company
11 and 13 s.south 2d
Ferris w.west T.jr.junior & Co.company 517 St. Charles
Gempp, Henry C.
1434 Carondelet av.avenue
Merrell, Jacob s.south 511 and 513 St. Charles
Meyer Brothers & Co.company
6 and 8 n.north 2d
Pike e.east C. & Co.company 526 and 528 n.north Sd
Richardson & Co.company
704 and 706 n.north Main
Schuetze John e.east & Co.company 608 n.north Main
Scott & Mellier ,
600 n.north Main
Voigt Edward & Co.company
323 n.north Main
Wetzell Z.F. & Co.company
104 and 106 n.north Main
(Wholesale and Retail.)
Maguire J. & C. 2d, sw.southwest cor.corner Olive
Platt & Thornburgh , 620 Franklin av.avenue (See
adv't page C, front col'd)
Sander Enno & Co.company
2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Walnut. (See adv't page I, front
Sennew, Ald Feed. w.west
Market, se.southeast cor.corner 3d
Drugs and Medicines.
Alexander, M. w.west 4th, cor.corner Market
Bang, Charles, 14.9 Franklin av.avenue
Barnard, Henry C.11th, ne.northeast cor.corner Morgan
Barnard, John H.4th, se, cor, Green
Baumgarten, F. e.east
811 Market
Boehm, Solomon, 800 Morgan
Bowman, George K.2600 Olive
Brackett, James L.5th, se.southeast cor.corner Locust
Buenger, H. w.west 2201 Franklin av.avenue
Catin T. & e.east 6th, se.southeast cor.corner St. Charles
Chamberlain, L. C.831 Chambers
Cherot, C. r.residence 203 n.north 12th
Coleman, John r.residence 10th, ne.northwest cor.corner Wash
Crawford, William H.1038 Broadway and 731 Washing-
ton av.avenue
Crawler, Francis X.Carr, ne.northeast cor.corner 23d
D'Amour, Otto, 8001 Broadway
Diers, Henry, 1133 n.north 5th
Dill, John G.15th, ne.northeast cor.corner Cass av.avenue
Dimmitt, Marcellus, Olive, se.southeast cor.corner 7th
Drechsler, William, 1627 North Market
Eells, Franklin, 2000 Clark av.avenue
Fasold, Ernst, 934 n.north 7th
Foerg, Henry, 318 s.south 7th
Francis & Brother ,
931 n.north 4th

Taffeta, Velvet and Belt Ribbons , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.