Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Cheese And Better Of All Qualities, By D.D0Uglass, , 210 Pine Street.

Frielingsdorf, Ewald, 2130 Carondelet av.avenue
Godron, A., Choutean av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner 7th
Godron, Otto, 1401 Market
Goehrich, Charles, 16th, se.southeast cor.corner Carr
Harless, Adolphus, 110 Broadway
Harshe, w.west P.901 Soulard
Heinig, F. w.west 1200 Emmet and 1900 Rosatti
Helwig, William, 2812 Manchester rd.road
Hendel, Samuel D., Market , sw.southwest cor.corner 6th
Heyer, Ottmar w.west 601 Franklin av.avenue
Hohler, Henry, 1800 s.south 7th
Hoffman, Gustav, 3627 Broadway
Hollister, Arthur T.1400 Market
Huffell, Lewis, n.north 9th, ne.northwest cor.corner Spring
Jacobi, F. M.3131 Carondelet av.avenue
Jones, Jamea A.506 n.north Levee
Jones & Co.company 501 n.north 3d
Jones & Sibley , Market, aw.cor.corner 5th
Kalb, Theodore, 600 s.south 2d
Kirchner, HenryNorth Market, ne.northeast cor.corner 14th
Kirchner, Christian, Franklin av, ne. cor. 17th
Koch, Herman, 2400 Broadway
Kovacs, M.1819 Franklin av.avenue
Laswell & Kibben ,
4800 Broadway
Leitch & Hendel . 4th, ne.northeast cor.corner Olive
Lips, Charles L.800 s.south 2d
Mack, Jno. P.1800 Carondelet av.avenue
Maguire J. & C. 2d sw.southwest cor.corner Olive
Mann, John J.1735 Broadway
Massot, Eugene L.324 a. 4th
Mattfeld, Louis, 1538 Carondelet av.avenue
Maurer, August, 1310 Biddle
McBride, James, 1229 n.north 5th and 10th, ne.northwest cor.corner O'Fallon
McGintie, Albert r.residence 1501 Olive
Metzger, John F.1128 s.south 4th
Migasi, Antonio G.1751 Broadway
Mols, Frank, 2412 Carondelet av.avenue
Munson, John w.west 425 n.north 5th
Nemours & Pauley , 1400 Monroe and ws.west side Easton av.avenue
bet.between Francis and Grand avavenue , and 15th, se.southeast cor.corner Carr
Neubert A. & C. 1209 s.south 5th
O'Gallsgher, James, 2325 Broadway
Parkhurst, August, 1627 s.south 9th
Porter, Bolivar B.1806 Broadway
Quirk, John n.north 807 Market
Raband, e.east F.1801 Buel
Rohifing, H. T., Market, ne.northwest cor.corner 17th
Sander Enno & Co.company Walnnt, sw.southwest corcorner , 4th. (See
adv't page I, front col'd)
Scott Edwin & Co.company 423 Washington av.avenue
Schrader, Edward, 601 Morgan
Schuh, Charles, 2102 Carondelet av.avenue
Schuricht, Frederick w.west 1411 s.south 7th
Shaefer C. & Co.company Chouteau av, se. cor, Grattan
Shendal, Ernest, 400 s.south 14th
Stark, Charles e.east 800 s.south 5th
Stelzleni, Otto, 3210 Broadway
Stephen, Franklin B., Carondelet av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Marine av.avenue
Stiegel, Henry, 9th, sw.southwest cor.corner Biddle
Tanton, Thomas, 6th, w.west cor.corner Olive
Temm H.H. & Co.company 17th, se.southeast cor.corner Biddle
Temm & Roepke , 1223 Franklin av.avenue
Treutler, Alban, 13th, se.southeast cor.corner Biddle
Uhlich, F. A.1107 Franklin av.avenue
Widdmann & Bro. Gravois rd.road nr.near Stumpf's cave
Williamson, Edward J., Broadway, ne.northwest cor.corner Wash
Wilms, Frederick, 13th, ne.northeast cor.corner Wash
Witte & Muehl , Broadway, cor.corner Salisbury
Woodruff, Lloyd O.6th, se.southeast cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Wurmb, T.3700. 10th
Wurmb & Klie , es.east side Bellefontaine rd.road bet.between College and
O'Fallon avs.avenues
Drugs and Medicines.
Brown, Weber & Graham ,
210 n.north 2d
Gempp, Henry C.1434 Carondelet avavenue :
McLean, Jamea H.314 Chesnut
Pike e.east C. & Co.company 526 and 628 n.north 2d
Richardson & Co.company
704 and 706 n.north Main
Dry Docks.
Daggett, Jobn D.agt.agent Levee, cor.corner Leaperance
Sectional Dry Dock Co.company John D.Daggett, , agt.agent Levee,
cor.corner Lesperance
Dry Goods and Clothing.
Newman & Amdon ,
205 n.north 2d
Dry Goods.
Landeker, William, 208 n.north Main
Meyerstein, Morris, 208 n.north Main
Dry Goods.
Carson J.B.Bro. & Co.company
316 n.north Main. (See adv't page 883)
Cozzens James G. & Co.company
121 and 123 Locust
Emmons George B. & Co.company
110 Vine
Gary James s.south & Co.company
108 and 110 n.north Main
Dry Goods, Fancy and Staple.
Dodd, Brown & Co.company
Main, sw.southwest cor.corner Locust
Dry Goods, Fancy.
Barr, Duncan & Co.company
420 and 422 n.north 4th
Brandenburger, Johne.east 1625 Decatur
Burke, catharine, 201 n.north 12th
Burton, William, 1911 Broadway
Espenhain & Bro. 1424 Franklin av.avenue
Franklin, r.residence H.
607 n.north 4th
Graf, Charles, 1222 n 13th
Gray, John B.708 n.north 4th
Limberg e.east & Co.company 201 s.south 2d
Moloney, T. F.517 and 519 Morgan
Niuenz, Constance Mrs.1529 Carondelet av.avenue
Rott, Manritz, 1125 Soulard
Dry Goods, Fancy.
Aderton, J. A.J.311 n.north Main
Allen John G. & Sons , 511 n.north Main
Bagwill & Meyers , 501 and 508 n.north Main
Bare, Duncan & Co.company
420 and 422 n.north 4th
Benton w.west H. & Co.company 513 n.north Main
Davis, Joseph, 718 n.north 3d
Davis Samuel C. & Co.company
8 and 10 n.north Main. (See adv't front cover)
Durfee, Hardcastle & Co.company 531 n.north Main
Friedman & Hohenthal, 300 n.north Main
Garrett, Gass & Co.company 305 n.north Main
Hardon B.L. & Co.company
406 and 408 n.north 5th
Hastings, Britton & Co.company 320 n.north Main
Johnson A. & Co.company
421 n.north Main, and 104 and 108 Vine. (See adv't
bottom, lines of pages)
King Wyllys & Co.company 416 n.north Main
Lamoureax M. & Co.company 12 n.north Main
Meyer C.F. & w.west & Co.company
19 n.north Main
Morgan & Jackson , 9 s.south Main
Pollock, Thompson & Co.company 310 n.north Main
Simon H.T. & Gregory , 309 n.north Main
Slevin B, & J.F. & Co.company 318 n.north Main
Slevin T. & C. & Co.company 22 n.north Main

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine , N. e.east Cor. Main and Walnut Streets. See adv't bus. dept.

Swiss and Jaconet Edgings and Insertings , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main Street.