Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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The Best Butter And Cheese Is The Cheapest, D.Douglass, , 210 Pine st.street

Merchants' Union Ex-
Press Co.company Delos T.Parker, , agt.agent 314 n.north 3d. (See
adv't page 98)
United States Express
Co.company Charles w.west Ford, , agt.agent 500 n.north 4th (See adv't
page 726)
Express Companies.
Eagle Express And City
Package Delivery , office, 307 Pine
Warren's City Package and Baggage Express , 429 Olive
Mackwitz, Rudolph,
229 Chesnut, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
St. Louis Belting Facto-
Ry , 906 to 918 Collins, office, 917 to 919 n.north 2d. (See
adv't page 102)
Fancy Goods.
(See also Variety Stores.)
Badst, Frederick, 1803 Frnaklin av.avenue
Beckmann, Charles, 1262 s.south 5th
Benjamin, Emanuel, 1524 Carondelet av.avenue
Borg & Baare , 1225 s.south 5th
Bostelman, Henry, 2318 Chouteau av.avenue
Bruenin, Charles, 11 s.south 5th
Corbett, SarahMrs.1205 Franklin av.avenue
Curtis, William H.1405 Franklin av.avenue
Dannerman, Jospeh, 1922 Carondelet av.avenue
Drucker, Markus, 1614 Carondelet av.avenue
Fabricius, Henry P.815 n.north 4th
Finsterbusch, Charles G.2311 Chouteau av.avenue
Franklin, r.residence H.607 n.north 4th
Furth & Co.company 116 s.south 4th.Gailor Cathrina 1122 Salisbury
Gross, Jacob, 3525 Broadway
Gutbrod, John1821 Columbus
Haris, HannahMrs.621 Morgan
Harwitz, J.314 Market
Hass, Eugene, 419 n.north 4th
Hummel, Joh, 566 s.south 4th
Johnson, Henry, 807 n.north 3d
Keller, Charles C.1831 Franklin av.avenue
Kempel, John H.3600 Broadway
Klubescheldt, Henry, 1428 Carondelet av.avenue
Kobele, Michael, 520 Victor
Koelle, Ernest, 522 Frankoin av.avenue
Koper lick & Loewenstein 1872 s.south 5th
Krieckhaus, Heien, 2404 Carondelet av.avenue
Lange, P. F.Mrs.1502 Carondelet av.avenue
Levy, Samuel, 831 n.north 3d
Liebreach, Charles, 835 n.north 3d
Loew, Simon2242 Carondelet av.avenue
Louis, Alexander1208 Broadway
Lyon, Elia, 801 n.north 3d
Mabus, Johanns, 321 s.south 14th
Marcus, Joseph, 12081/2 s.south 5th
Michael, William, 1418 Carondelet av.avenue
Moeller, C. H.12 s.south 4th
Mueller, Jacob, 512 Emmet
Paris, L.507 n.north 4th
Reitler, JosephineMrs1209 s.south 5th
Ringhlind, Frederikc1731 Decatur
Schaaf, Jacob, 308 s.south 4th
Schickeneberg, Chaels w.west 1482 Carondelet av.avenue
Schoening, Edwar1270 s.south 5th
Schmidt, Anton1814 Carondelet av.avenue
Schroback, CarolineMrs.808 O'Fallon
Schwarts, Samue, 1250 s.south 5th
Silverstone, Issac, 1224 s.south 5th
Skelling, A. e.east Miss, 1233 Olive
Sklower, Henry e.east 1189 Broadway
Steer, Magdalena, 1543 Jackson
Steinwender, MaryMrs.329 Market
Sternberg, Joseph, 1610 Carondelt av.avenue
Trice, Minns, 1412 Carondelet av.avenue
Tuttle, C. H.509 n.north 4th
Clrici, Kudolph, 18, s.south 4th
Weber, AmalleMrs.820 Market
Whiting, Richard, 1431 Broadway
Winkler, John A.1822 s.south 5th
West, Charels, 2026 Carondelt av.avenue
Zollner, Henry, 12141/2 s.south 5th
Fancy Goods.
Bender & Etzel , 502 n.north Msin
Conrnet F.& Co.company 824 Broadway
Cuno, Bolmas & Co.company 7 n.north Main
Gill & Murphy ,
402 n.north Main
Jacoard Eugenee & Co.company 302 n.north 4th, nr.near cor.corner Olive
Kramer & Loth , 207 n.north Main
Lackman, D. H.120 n.north Main
Langsdorf & Rosenstein ,
209 n.north Main
Marx & Haas , 205 n.north Main
Neuhaus, Krite & Co.company
15 s.south Main, (See adv't page 96)
Rbsenheim & Levis , 402 n.north 4th
Speck L. & C. & Co.company
211 n.north Main
Wengler & Lange ,
122 n.north Main
Wolff J. & Sons,
405 n.north Main
Ziock & Lenz ,
13 n.north Main
Fancy Goods.
(Wholesale and Retail.)
Barnhurst & Campbell , 308 Market
Franklin, r.residence H.
607 n.north 4th
Fanning Mills.
Barnum & Bro.
14 and 16 n.north 2d
Manny & Co.company 1248 Broadway
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main. (See adv't page E, front
Farm Machinery.
Osborne D.M. & Co.company
1246 Broadway
Farming Implements.
Koenig William & Co.company
207 n.north 2d
Manny & Co.company 1248 Broadway
Osborne D.M. & Co.company
1246 Broadway
Schmieding & Witte , 1100 Broadway
Fast Freight Lines.
(See also Transportation Lines and Agencies)
Diamond, Line, Alfred C.Bernoudy, , gen.general agt.agent 127 Ches-
Eire Transportation Co.company , e.east s.south Tracy, , agt.agent 116 n.north 2d
Great Western Des-
Patch , Frank w.west Roberts, , agt, 509 n.north 4th
Merchants' Despatch ,
C. H.Veszie, , agt.agent 400 n.north 4th
People'S Despatch ,
J. T.Stover, , agt, office, 314 n.north 3d

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut. Interest allowed on time deposits. See adv't bus. dept.

Black and Fancy Italians, A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main corner Vine Street.