Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Fee 984 Flo
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D.A. January & Co.company , Importers of Fruits and Groceries , 406 & 408 North 2d st.street

Outfit for Gold Mines, Hall's Patent Safes, Fairbanks' Standard Scales, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 North Main st.street

Star Union Line ,
C. s.south Freeborn, , agt.agent 309 Olive
St. Louis & Pacific Express Freight Line , 209 n.north 3d
Telegraph Despatch ,
J. T.Stover, , agt.agent office, 314 n.north 3d
White Line Central Transit Co.company , C. n.north Bacon, agt.agent 3021/2
n.north Main
Feed Stores.
(See also Flour and Feed Stores)
Blohm, Conrad, 1904 Hamtramck
Brovo, Joseph, 744 s.south 2d
Clausen & Co.company 1937 and 1939 State
Clear, ; Michael. 918 and 915 Market
Cordea, D.1968 State
Ellen George A Co.company 1617 Menard
Burth, Samuel, 1485 Carondelet av.avenue
Grsssmuck, William, 1314 Broadway
Greoer, Andrew, 1106 Carr
Hddaeker, Bernhard, 1017 Lafayette
Herbst, Henry, salisbury, ne.northwest cor.corner 21st
Hermanns, John, 3426 Carondelet ar.
Hllger, John J,1212 Biddle
Kaasing, John, 2115 Broadway
Kolb, Frederick, 2013 Franklin ay.
Krlte William A Son , 1603 Cass ar.
Ludwig, Henry, llth, ne.northeast cor.corner Cass ar.
Meyer, Jacob, ws.west side Carondelet ar.het. Sidney and Anna
Meyer, Peter, 1809 n.north 9th
Meyer A Schulte , 1111 Cass ay,
Mollsry P. A Son , 1714 Morgan
Murray, Peter, 614 Green
Niemeyer, Anton, 1882 Rosatti
Potthoff, Ulrieh. ws, Carondelet ar.bet.between Lux and 2d Ca-
rondelet ar.
Quinlavin, Sol. J.1515 Biddle
Ramsdell Jaques & Son ,
proprs. Eagle Feed Store, St. Charles Rock rd.road
junction, Cass av.avenue
Randermsnu A Co.company 1238 n.north 9th
BleM, Ehwardjr.junior 1545 and 1547 Carondelet av.avenue
Biehl, Walter, 2001 Franklin av.avenue
Schwarti, Henry, 1604 Market
Skeele, Edwin A.
705 to 709 n.north Levee and 706 to 710 n.north Commercial
Vogler, F.Tth, ee.cor.corner Aon av.avenue
Wolf August A Co.company 1410 Clark av.avenue
File Cutters.
Guillemln, Claude, 226 Lombard
Hook, Louis,
217 s.south Sd
Smith A Barman , 1707 a. 7th
Financial Agents.
Dormitzer, Joseph,
213n.north 3d
Fire Arms,
(See also Guns and Pistols.)
Albright T.J. & Son , 203 n.north 4th
Meier Adolphus & Co.company
100 and 102 a. Main
Fire Brick.
(Makers and Deallers.)
Laclede Fire Brick Works , Hambleton AGreen, , proprs.
1007 n.north Levee
Ligbtner & Co.company 122 Pine
Parker, Russell & Co.company
215 n.north 2d
Thompson H.M. A Co, 417 Locust and 1801 Austin.
(See advt page 887)
Fire Clay.
Parker, Russell & Go.
215 n.north 2d
Fish and Bird Nets.
Sears, Isaac,
17 Green
Fish Dealers.
Curtis, Mathew B.North Market
Cuurtit & Hagemao , Broadway, cor.corner Green
Stege, Henryjr.junior Lucas market
Stege, John. Laeas market
Stewart & Morse , 819 Olive
Fish Dealers.
Procter, Greenwood & Co.company
424 n.north 2d
Fishing Taekle.
Albright T. Son , 203 n.north 4th
Beauvais, Reno,
404 n.north Main
Flags, Banners and Lanterns.
Parson & Co.company
415 Washington av.avenue
Flavoring Extracts.
Sander Enno & Co.company
2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Walnnt. (See adv't page I, front col'd)
(See also Nurseries.)
Goebel, Gert, Flora Garden, 807 Geyer av.avenue
Milteoberger, Emile r.residence ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue nr.near U. s.United States Ar-
Park Avenue Flower Garden, Henry A.Homeyer, ,
propr. Park av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner st.street Ange av.avenue
Flour and Feed Stores.
(See also Feed Stores.)
Brameyer, August, 1223 n,north 5th
Clark, Jamea H,1304 Franklin av.avenue
Daniel & Groff , 605 Spruce
Grasemuck, William, 1309 Broadway
Haaa, John, 2726 Franklin av.avenue
Kohring, John F.2311 n.north 14th
Laubach, Edward, 1106 n.north 9th
Uppleman John M. & Co.company 8828 n.north 10th
lutger, JohnH.1405 Carondelet av.avenue
Methe, William, 2840 Manchester rd.road
Meyer, John J.2619 and 2621 Carondelet av.avenue
Minstermann & Co.company
1319 n.north 9th
Padberg & Bro. 725 and 729 Carroll
Bolfmeyer, John, 7tb, cor.corner Hickory
Seaainghaus Broe. 9th, aw.cor.corner North Market
Weuner & Elckholf , 1917 FrankUn av.avenue
Flour Commission Merchants.
Fink & Nasse ,
24 s.south Commercial
Harlow A Brown , 108 and Ids s.south Commercial
Henschen, Krite & Co.company
707 n.north 2d
Mueller, Kleekamp & Co.company
801 n.north 2d
Quinlin B.A. & Co.company 810 n.north 6th

Marsailleg and P.K. Vestings, A. Johnson & C0. , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.