Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Fue 987 Fur
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Good Butter and Cheese Pleases Customers; had at.D.Douglass, ', 210 Pine st.street

Russell, Hays & Co.company
401 and 403 d. 2d
Walter, Fbidbrick, Third, ne.northeast cor.corner Myrtle. (See
adv't page 889)
Fuel, Oil.
Page. Smith, Lewis & Co.company
206 n.north 2d
For Dealers,
Bienenstock s.south & Son ,
1031 Broadway
Kuebn A Roos , 608 o. 4th
Levi, Alexandei, 123 Market
Levi, Isaac, 123 Market
Prince, Louis M.616 Elm
rwsett, A, B.106 and 103 n.north Sth
Greenwood, Robert, 1022 Broadway
Whorl C.P. ft Co.company 15 s.south 5th
Furs and Peltries.
(Buyers and Shippers.)
Whittemobe H. & r.residence B. & Co.company
514 n.north Mala
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Gray & Guerdan ,
Market, se.southeast cor.corner 2d
Kaufmann & Eorrlnk , 1348 s.south 2d
Peters, Louis, 318 n.north 5th
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Anderson, William, 820 n.north Tth
Anderson 4 Brandage , 622 Morgan
Appleton, Henry. 824 Franklin av.avenue
Barthel, August, 620 s 2d
Becker C.s.south ft Bro. 1425 Broadway
Bennlng ft Woeihldde .n.north 16th, bet.between Hebert and at.
Bergin, M.118 n.north 3d
Bernard, Jseph, North Market, ne.northwest cor.corner 18th
Boner, William B.1419 Carondelet av.avenue
Bosse ft Geistlieb , 2204 Franklin av.avenue " '
Brandt, Henry, 1912 Franklin av.avenue
Brisehoux, Pierre, 1540 Carondelet av,
Brocker, Charles, 1000 Wash
Bromley, John, 1115 Franklin av.avenue
Ceaser P. P & Co.company 16 and 18 s.south 3d
Clifford, John, 822 Ann av.avenue
Codding John O. & Co.company
307 and 309 st.street Charles. (See adv't page 82)
Comstock & Haywood ,
110 n.north 3d
Conrades & Logeman , propra, Missouri Chair Factory ,
salesroom and office, 1121 and 1123 n.north 6tb, factory,
Main, se.southeast cor.corner Madison
Copson, Benjamin, 2004 Broadway
Craig, James, 416 n.north 3d
Crane, John H.
211 d. 3d, opp.opposite P.O.
Danner & Schmld , 1118 s.south 4th
Denian, Paul2007 Franklin av.avenue
Duemken, William, 1920 Broadway
Doyle, Thaddeus s.south 1112 n.north 5th
Eberle, Charles, 746 s.south 2d
Ernest, John, 1210 Franklin av.avenue
Fattmann, Charles,
Cass av.avenue bet.between 16th and 17th
Flint, Sites B.19 and 21 s.south 4th
Gaal, August, 304 a. 7th
Gllmore, Oeorge, 1207 n.north 5th
Grafe, Charles, 1120 n.north 14th
Grandy, John F.
829 and 831 n.north 6th. (See adv't page 122)
Grosshablg A Hoppe , 3109 a. 16th
Haenichen B, k P. 1601 Catooaelat av.avenue
Harrla, Thomas, 808 n.north 5fh and Cses av. mr, eor. 17th
Hase F A 00. S21 n.north 6th. (See adv't page J, front
Haverpurth A Wahle , 8744 Broadway
Hawtin, Charles, 2009 Broadway
Heckenlauer, Cyrtacns, 1127 n.north 13th
Heltert, Henry, 1616 Broadway
Hoeppner, Henry, 3828 Broadway
Jager, John, 220 s.south 2d
John H.Koppelman, , msmufec hirer of all
kinds of Furniture, Wholesale sad Retail.
Salesroom , 411 Morgan, bet.between 4th and 5th; fac-
tory, 1814 Warran, betbetween 18th and 19th.
Kay, William w.west 2805 Broadway
Kingsnorth, J. w.west 512 Ouve
Kippelman, John K.411 Morgan, and 1814 Warren
Krummel C. & Bros. 512 s.south 7th
Lsrabrack, Anton, 1914 Broadway
Lammert, Martin, 1112 Franklin ay.
Levy, Saul, 722 n.north 4th
Lundie, Hamilton1221 n.north 5th
McKenna, Patrick, 416 Morgan
Menne, Aloys,
802 Market
Meyer, Felix, 806 a. 2d
Miller, Francis M.2111 Broadway
Mitchell r.residence A w.west 609 to 618 n.north 4th
Mueller, Charles, 821 Market
Niedrlnghaus Brns, 1005 Franklin ay. ,
Nord, Augustus, 2228 Franklin ar.
Otteoad, Louis, 1718 Carondelet av.avenue
Parr, Walter s.south 816 Morgan
Pllcher, John w.west 609 n.north 8th
Prange & Bros.
8410 to 8418 n.north 10th. (See adr't)
Ruhr, Charles, 1878 Broadway
Thorman, Benedict, 1608 Carondelet av.avenue
Scarrltt, Curtis A Mason , 214 and 216 Washington ar.
Scarrltt, Sanford O.20* Market
Schmidt A Schubarth , 1013 s.south 5th
Schweich A Miller , 610 Market
Seaman A.D. A Co.company 512 and 414 Pine, and 413 Chesnnt
Sennewald, Charles, 1420 Carr
Sluder w.west H. & e.east e.east
718 n,north 4th
Smeathers & Son ,
712 n.north 4th
Stopplekatnp, Henry, 1509 s.south 7th
Tmel, Char es w.west 618 and 620 s.south 4th
Vach, Fritz. 1114 n.north 4th
Voepel A Hrsog , 2128 and 2125 Franklin av.avenue
Vornbrnck A Kicks , 15th, sw.southwest cor,corner Cass av.avenue
Wagner, Paul, 1534 Franklin av.avenue
White, James, 1218 n.north Sth
Zwieker, P. E,1227 s.south Sth
Furniture Mover,
Roeter, Valentine, ws.west side 2d Carondelet av.avenue nr.near Lynch
Furniture Repairers and Varnlshers.
(See also Cabinet Makers.)
Blanchard, Samnel, Elleardvllle
Denham, Abram w.west
2s.south 3d
(Second Hand.)
Alexander A Co.company 719 Morgan
Atkinson, James, 911 Green
Bastian, Joseph, 714 s.south 2d
Bath A Johnson , 1444 Broadway
Beard, Robert J.807 n.north 7th
Beyer, Moriti, 1408 Broadway
Brandon, George, 825 n.north 7th
Biundage A Wright , 622 Morgan
Bnescber, Henry, 900 Franklin av.avenue
Bunting, Samuel, 928 n.north 5th

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut. Interest allowed on time deposits. See adv't bus. dept.

Linings, Buttons and Bindings, A. Johnson & Co.company , 424 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.