Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Cheese And Butter Of All Qualities, By D. Douglass, 210 Pine Street.

Graeser, J. L.1203 s.south 5th
Barnum'S Hotel,
Fay & McCarty , proprs. Walnut, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
Broadway, Hotel, MichaelAdami, , propr. Broadway, cor.corner
Clarendon Hotel, Newman & Garner , proprs. 621 Poplar
Cleaver House, Cleaver & Bro. proprs. 1032 and 1034
n.north 5th
Delavan House , John F.Gilmore, , propr. 1106 Broad-
Dennison House , EdwardRosenhauer, , propr. 525 Mar-
Denver House ,
s.south B.Caruth, . propr. 3d, ne.northeast cor.corner Vine
Eagle Hotel, Biehle & Seherer , proprs. 518 and 520 s.south 2d
Everett House ,
I. B.Gilderaieve, , propr. es.east side 4th, bet.between Olive and
and Locust. (See adv't back col'd page)
Geissert'S Hotel ,
GeorgeGeissert, , propr. 707 Spruce
Heitkamp'S Hotel ,
FritzHarbers, , propr. 903 s.south 4th
Henry House , Mrs. AnnErisman, , propr. 3532 Broadway
Hotel Buhler ,
WilliamBuhler, , propr. 116 s.south 4th
Hotel Garni ,
CharlesLeimberger, , propr. 8 s.south 2d
Howard House , William M.Prottsman, , propr, 1204
Illinois House , CharlesGriesmayer, , propr. 210 s.south 2d
Jefferson House , John n.north w.west Sringer, , propr. 1025
Laclede Hotel, Brolaski & Malin , proprs. n.north 5th, sw.southwest cor.corner
Laclede House , JohnBusch, , propr. 1628 Decatur
Lafayette House , Mrs. BernhardireAbeln, , propr. 1828
Park av.avenue
MacDonald Hotel , Thomas M.Wolfe, , propr. Theresa
av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner Manchester rd
Montgomery House , John J.Motz, , propr. 2621 Broad-
Mound City Hotel, Scobee, Bixler, & Co.company proprs. North
Market, cor.corner Broadway
National Hotel, Railora dHouse , M. n.north Williman, , propr.
204 North Market
O'Fallon House ,
MichaelFallon, , propr. 211 s.south 7th
Olive Street Hotel ,
David C.Siegrist, , propr. Olive, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
Pacific House , JohnIsler, , propr. 323 s.south 14th
Pacific Stock Yard House , Hiram M.McKee, , propr.
Randolph, ne.northwest cor.corner Theresa av.avenue
Paschall House, Alexander Kelsey & Co.company proprs. 5th,
sw.southwest cor.corner Walnut
Pine Street Hotel , LouisZimmer, , propr. 1139 Pine
Planters' House,
Fogg & Sparr , proprs, 4th, bet.between Pine and Chesnut
Prescott House , Fl rianMuller, , propr. 3d, ne.northeast cor.corner Mar-
Randle House. Mitchell & Mitchell , proprs. Broadway,
ne.northwest cor.corner Wash
Southern Hotel, Laveille, Warner & Co.company proprs. ss.south side Wal-
nut, bet.between 4th and 5th
St. Clair Hotel J.Chesley, , propr. 3d, sw.southwest cor.corner Market
St. Lawrence Hotel, Pale & Hild , proprs. 1235 n.north 5th,
sw.southwest cor.corner O'Fallon
St. Louis House , CasparSchaff, , proprs. 709 and 711
St. Louis House,
Herman Apel & Co.company proprs. Main, ne. cor. Green
Union Hotel, Kirkpatrick & Servoss , proprs. 4th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Myrtle
Wash Home , HenryReinstedtler, , propr. Elleardville
Wedge House , Mrs. Mary H.Hall, , propr. Laclede av.avenue
ne.northwest cor.corner Manchester rd.road
Western House , John M.Gillham, , propr. Broadway,
sw.southwest cor.corner Carr
House Agents.
(See also Real Estate Agents.)
Donovan Daniel H. & Son,
Agents For The Resting Of Houses,
Collection Of Renting And General Man-
Agement Of Real Estate , 313 Washington
John, Grether, Att'y and Not'y. AdamBoeok, , Not'y.
Grether & Boeck, Real Estate and
House Agents, Notaries and Convey-
ancers, loaning money on real estate
security , 910 North Fourth Street,
St Louis, Mo.Missouri
Kaime J.e.east & Bro 311 Washington ay.
La Force J.w.west & Co.company 315 Washington av.avenue
Leuziger John & Co.company 617 s,.2d
Lowey, Alex. 416 n.north 5th
Maguire, John, 506 Walnut
Million, Brainard M.225 Pine
Moran, Charles,
624 n.north 9th
Morrison & Meagher ,
223 Pine
Riley, Sanguinet & Co.company 218 Pine
House Furnishing Goods.
Rogers A.G. & Co .
716 n.north 4th
Schofield, William, 215 s.south 7th
Warne, Cheever & Co.company 508 n.north 4th
Hubs, Spokes and Felloes.
Woodburn, Smith & Co ;
Randolph, ne.northeast cor.corner 15th, office, 114 and 116 Green
Autor, Conrad, Lucas Market
Bagley, Joseb, Lucas maket
Becker, Cathairne Mrs.Biddle market
Becktame, Frederick, Lucas market
Behrend, Friedrich, French market
Bever, Joseph, 38 Sturgeon market
Bien, Mary, Biddle market
Boehm, Margarethe, Lucas market
Boka, Gerhald, French market
Bollinger, Adolph, Center market
Brandis, Albert, Centre market
Braun, Friedrich, Broadway market
Broegelemann, Wilheln, Centre marekt
Brueggemann, Bernhard, French market
Bury, Richard, Biddle market
Clagus, Caroline, 19 Sturgeon market
Cramer, Adolph, Lucas market
Cumberg, EdwardBiddle market
Deckmin, Henry, Biddle market
Doran, Bernard. Biddle market
Dreher, Lizzle Mrs.Biddle market
Eickmann, Henry, Biddle market
Emgrund, Mary Mrs.Biddle market
Engel, Adolph, Lucas market
Felgentreu, Herrmann, Lucas market
Frenzel, Carl, Lucas market
Gabriel, L.Lucas market
Gatlack, Albert, French market
Graber, Johann, Soulard market
Grashoff, Henry, Sturgeon market
Gresson, Henry, 33 Sturgeon market
Groencer, George, French market
Guenther, Joseph, French market
Hausmann, John, S27 Biddle
Heinrich, Wilhelm, Lucas market
Henneson, Charles, Biddle market

Union Savings' Association , N. e.east Cor. Main & Walnut Sts. Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Brown and Bleached table Damasks, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor. Vine St.