Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Ice 1000 Ins
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D. A. January & Co.company , Grocers Since 1832, Nos. 406 and 408 North 2d Street.

Butchers, ' Files And Chisels, , A. F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main St., Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Herweck, Peter, 1523 Jackson
Holtman, Henry, Lucas market
Holtman, Mary, Biddle market
Huemel, Robert, Centre market
Jung, Wilhelm, French market
Kapesser, Jacob, North market
Katzmann, Anton, Soulard market
Kaylor, Christian, Lucas market
Kettke, Andrew, Broadway market
Kirchner, Bernhard, Soulard market
Klein, Anton, Lucas market
Koll, Michael, Biddle market
Kothe, Albert, Soulard market
Krausser, AugustCentre market
Kumpf, Jacob, Lucas market
Kuntmeier, Godlieb, Biddle market
Kuntzmann, Carl, Lucas market
Kyle, Michael, 36 Sturgeon market
Lahme, Hermann, 34 Sturgeon market
Landerer, Felix, 21 Sturgeon market
Larmy, Hermann, Sturgeon market
Lauser, Carl, Lucas market
Lebers, 'Stephen, Biddle market
Lossberg, Wilhelm, Soulard market
Mangold, Caspar, French market
Matter, Nicolas, French market
May, Henry, 14 Biddle market
Merhoff, Frederick, Biddle market
Meyer, Henry w.west 27 Sturgeon market
Mies, Basil, 28 Sturgeon market
Miller, Thomas, 25 Sturgeon market
Moehle, Charles, French market
Nelson, William, Biddle market
Oberriteir, John, 16 Biddle market
Ottensmeyer, Henry, Lucas market
Otto, Phllipp, Soulard market
Petchgay, Herman, Biddle market
Pfaff, Henry, French market
Ptautch, Adam, Biddle market
Pfertner, Henry, Biddle market
Potthast, J. G.Lucas market
Reese, John18 Biddle market
Rice, George, Biddle market
Roesch, Peter, Centre market
Schachner, John, Lucas market
Schleroth, Johann, Centre market
Schmidt, Franz, Soulard market
Schmidt, Louis, Soulard market
Spiekermann, Bernard, 39 Sturgeon market
Suter, George, 26 Sturgeon market
Trauer, Samuel, Soulard market
Werzel, Henry, French market
Williams, Thomas, 30 and 32 Sturgeon market
Wilson, John, Biddle market
Wlnkelmann, Anton, Soulard market
Wueste, George24 Sturgeon market
Yackey, Peter, 35 Sturgeon market
Young, Jacob, Biddle market
Zuermuehler, Henry, 22 Sturgeon market
Ice Cream Saloon.
(See also Confectioners; also Restaurants.)
Cantieny Ph. & Bro. 408 Washington av.avenue
Ice Dealers.
Ames, Jacob, 16 s.south 17th
Barutio, Bernhard, 1904 Columbus
Criskey, John, al.alley bet.between Mullanphy and Howard, 8th and
Dickhaus, Hermann, 3610 n.north 18th
Ellis, H.L., 1139 Locust
Fey, Michael, 313 Victor
Frederick, George, 106 n.north Levee
Gasper H. & Co.company Lucas, ne.northeast cor.corner 16th
Heller, Daniel, ss.south side Barton, bet.between Jackson and Columbus
Hezel & Teasdale , 512 n.north Commercial
Holzborn & Co.company 309 Anna
Huse, Loomis & Co.company
419 Chesnut
Jung, Paul, 2000 Carendelet av.avenue
Krueutler, Andrew, 507 and 511 Labadie
Kreinbaum, Bernard, Bremen, av.avenue cor.corner 15th
McKenna, John, 304 n.north Levee
Wenz, Christopher, 309 Victor
Wilshusen, Claus, al.alley bet.between Smith and Bates, Lewis and
Wurscht, Adam, 2111 Kosciusko
Wurst, Adam, 1700 Columbus
India Rubber Goods.
Barnum &Rro.
14 and 16 n.north 2d
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main. (See adv't page E, front col'd)
Ink Manufacturer.
Waite, Mary A.809 n.north 6th
Insect and Vermin Destroyer.
Reynard & Co.company 323 Olive
Tracy, J.L., (U. s.United States ) 305 Olive
Inspectors and Gaugers.
Sexton & Peckham, 18 n.north 2d
Insurance Agents.
Bailey, Charles C.
305 Olive
Benton, Williamn.north 513 Olive
Bilbrough, s.south e.east agt.agent North American Life Ins. Co.company 123
Blanke, D.J.,
113 olive
Bodley & Essex
274 n.north Main, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
Bornefeld, Charles B.
agt.agent Germania Life Ins. Co.company of New York, 211 Mar-
Brawner, James M., Main, ne.northeast cor.corner Locust
Brawner, William A.
317 Olive, (See adv't bottom end of book, and adv't
Brill, w.west M.515 Pine
Capen, George D.401 n.north Main
Chidester & Weed ,
108 Locust, up stairs
Closser & Bentley , 3d, ne.northeast cor.corner Olive
Collins & Mande ,
205 n.north 3d
Coop, Samuel, 101 n.north 2d
Dewey, e.eastH.,
5th, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Dunning, George H.407 Walnut
Dutcher & Fassett , 108 Pine
Fairchild, John H.110 Locust
Fisch, William H.gen. agt, South St. Louis MutualFire
and Marine Ins. Co.company 5th, junction Carondelet av.avenue
Fisk Clinton B. & Co.company 203 n.north 3d
Fowler, Edwin,
state agt. Mutual Benefit Ins. Co.company 208 Olive
Geyer, D.
special agt.agent Security Life Ins. Co.company of New York, 5th,
ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Godfrey & Wilde,
313 Olive
Ham & Lauck , 4th, ne.northeast cor.corner Market
Holland, w.westHenry, , state agt.agent Aetna Ins. Co.company of Hart-
ford, Conn. 109 Locust
Hopkins, Christian r.residence
314 n.north 3d
Hough, Henry w.west
Main, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Howe-, A. w.west 109 Locust
Jameson, e.east H.e.east gen.general agt.agent World Mutual Life Ins. Co.company
of New York, 125 Pine

Printed Lawns and Jaconets , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.