Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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The Best Butter And Cheese Is The Cheapest, D.Douglass, , 210 Pine St.

Union Iron Works,
Kingsland & Clark , proprs. 2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Carr, (See
adv't page 884)
Waechter, Louie, 217 Morgan
Wichmann, Ferdinand, 1002 s.south 3d
Barnum & Bro.
14 and 16 n.north 2d
Manny & Co.company 1248 Broadway
Osborne D.M. & Co.company
1246 Broadway
Semple, Birge & Co.company
18 s.south Main. (See adv't page F, front col'd)
Machines for Butchers and Wagonma-
Brecht, Gusta Vus V.
912½ n.north 6th
Owens, Lane, Dyer & Co.company
717 n.north 2d. (See adv't front cover)
PhœNix Iron Works ,
Ellis n & Bro. proprs. 910 n.north Main. (See adv't
page 888)
Malleable and Gray Iron Works.
Malt and Hop Dealers.
Busch Adolphus & Co.company
20 s.south Main
Fleming, John B.221 n.north 3d
Flint, Charles C.jr.junior 808 n.north Main
Malt, Barley, etc.
Weinhagen & Hunicke ,
3 s.south Commercial
(See also Brewers.)
Becker F. & Co.company 1542 to 1546 a. 7th
Busch Adolphus & Co.company
20 s.south Main
Eckerle, Theobold, 1828 and 1828 Carondelet av.avenue
Franklin Malt House , Tinker Bros. & Co.company proprs. al
bet.between 9th and 10th, Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Lafayette Malt House , Frieling & Griesedick , proprs.
716 Carr
Lichter, John,
514 s.south 2d, and 716 to 720 s.south 3d
Linze & Schmidt , 930 and 982 n.north Main
Thamer, Julius, ns.north side Destrehan, bet.between 2d and Broadway
Manufacturers' Agents.
Braytoo, Hobart C.agt.agent patent fences, 612 n.north 5th
Buff & Kuhl ,
121and 123 Locust
Curtis & Co.company agts.agents for patent saw gummers and upsets,
117 Vine. (See adv't page C, front col'd)
Dell John & Co.company 418 n.north 2d
fuller, Charles C.
217 Washington av.avenue
Gary James s.south & Co.company 108 and 110 a. Main
Massey J.B. & Co.company 314 Olive
More & Co.company
802 n.north 2d
Munchweiler, Meritz, 112 n.north 2d
Taussig, Livingston & Co.company
6 and 17 s.south Main
Map Mounter.
Ohmann, F. L., Chesnut, ne.northwest cor.corner 3d
Marble Dealers.
Wilson H. & O.
9th, cor.corner Market
Marble Workers and Dealers.
Clarke, Simon, 1545 Broadway
Follenius, Reinhold H.5th, sw.southwest cor.corner Chouteau av.avenue

Daniel Francis & Co.company
Monumental And Steam
Marble Works,
Cor. Broadway and Labeaume Street,
(Opposite Empire Mills),
St. Louis, . . . .Mo.

☞Building Work, in Marble or Stone, done to

Galligan, John F.706 Clark. av.avenue
Hoffmann & Freund , 1555 Carondelet av.avenue
May & Kleff , 1317 Carondelet av.avenue
Muldoon, Bullett & Co.company 1119 Olive
Park & McClintock , 5th, sw.southwest cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Pickel & Bros , 1008 n.north llth
Rosebrough Richard L. & Son , 1421 Broadway
St. Louis Marble Works ,
900 and 902 Washington av.avenue and 901 and 903 St.
St. Louis Scotch Granite Works , A. & G. Dodds & Co.company
proprs. 112 s.south 5th
Warne, Edgar w.west 503 Washington av.avenue
Wilson H. & O. , Market, ne.northwest cor.corner 9th
Woodlock, 7 O'Connell, 1609 Market
Market Gardeners.
Kaeler, Oeorge, ss.south side Geyer av.avenue bet.between 2d Carondelet and
McNair avs.avenues
Rolfing, William, ss.south side Geyer av.avenue bet.between McNair and Missouri
Match Depot.
Richardson, David M.
Irving, L. Millington, gen.general agt.agent 424 n.north 2d
Etna Match Factory , Zisemann, Griesheim & Co.company
proprs. 1304 Park av.avenue
Allen, Thomas, 41 Chouteau av.avenue
Cupples & Marston , 110 a. 2d
De Kock, Young, Columbus, ne.northwest cor.corner Harper
Eichele A. & Co.company
2011 Columbus
Eichele Peter & Co.company 1508 Columbus
Mathematical Instruments.
Aloe, A. S, 206 n.north 4th
Winzer, George, 309 Market

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine, n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Streets. see adv't bust. dept.

Serges and Satin DeChaines, A, Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.