Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Bil 951 Bla
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Fine Batter for "Civilized White Men ," at D., Douglass', No. 210 Pine Street.

Bill and Note Brokers.
(See Banking Houses.)
Bill Posters.
Hibbs, Henry, rear 312 Chesnut
Hichmond, M. B.208 n.north 3d
Billiard, Saloons.
Billings & Co.company 411 Pine
Carrfllon, Charles, 2500 Broadway
Dix, Thorwegen & Co.company 26 s.south 4th
Empire, Billiard Saloon.
William, H.Gaffney, propr. 1322 Market
Miller & Lttpe ,
218 n. 4th. and 328 Olive
S&mmuelier, John, 832 n.north 4th
Woibreebt, George, 116 s.south 4th
Billiard Tables.
Baike, Julius, 218 Market
Brunswick J.M. & Bro.
17 s.south 4th
Garni, Henry, 919 n.north 13th
Bird Cages.
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Ludlow, r.residence C.
215 Market. (See adv't page 110)
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
116 and 118 s.south Main. (See adv't page e.east front col'd)
Saylor O.P. & Co.company
120 Market. (See adv't page 8S4)
Bird Dealers.
Appei, F.321 Olive
Dieckmann, Louis, 414 Locust
Espich, Charles, 610 n.north 5th
(Manufacturers and Whottsale Dealers.)
Aromatic Cherry Bit-
Ters, F.w.west Plass & Co.company proprs. 105 s.south 21
Diamond "M" Bitters ,
Mulligan & Co , proprs , 700 n.north 4th
Haase, August C.L.
propr. Celebrated Holland Blitere, depot , 214 n.north
Hempsen, Henry, 1418 n.north 6th
Hopfheimer Bros. & Co.company
105 and 1051/2 Market
Lsnge, & Bernecker, 713 n.north Main
Moller, C.
mnfr. Catawba Bitters, depot , 114 and 116 n. 3d.
(See adv't page 82)
(See also Steqmboat Blacksmiths; also Horseshoers.)
Becker, Philip, 2404 Franklin av.avenue
BofielSbaCher, George, Spring, ne.northwest cor 16th
Bollwork, H., Carondele av.avenue cor.corner Arsenal
Borbein, Henry, 1215 Cass av.avenue
Boscli A. & Bro. Colurabus, ne.northeast cor.corner Miller
Bose, Joseph, 1608 Market
Cook, Joseph' 1007 n.north 7th
Cordell, John, 1016 Green
Cowhey, John', 513 Park av.avenue
Damme, Charles H., Natural Bridge rd.road nr.near Grand av.avenue
Dietz, Jac b, 3404 Broadway
Diller, Michael, 4215 Brradway
Dippel, Peter, Sidney. nr.near Gravois rd.road
Dittmar, Henry, 2017 Carondelet av.avenue
Donnovan, John, 1413 n 6th
Doonte, William, rear 1585 Broadway
Doyle, John, 1484 n.north 6th
Drlscoll, Patrick, 1409 Broadway
Bnskman, Peter, 1913 Broadway
Fehi, Heinrich, 1916 Buel
Fehi, John, 1829 Hamtramck
Ford, Thomas, ss.south side Cass av.avenue bet.between 24tb and 25th
Fray, & Keune, 1810 Market
Goelz, & Teckemeler, Chouteau ar.bet.between Pratte av.avenue and
Gomes, John M.1322 Chesnut
Gropp, Martin, Gaston ay. junction Cass av.avenue
Hagedorn, Frederick, 2720 Broadway
Itarabl-ton, & Manion, 902 n.north Levee
Hermann, Frita, Conde, bet.between Buot and Pratte av.avenue
Hines, Henry, 618 Rutgers
Hitlman, Lawrence, 204 s.south 9th
Honetnann, Christopher, 2903 Broadway
Huesgen, John, 1958 State
Janaen, William, 2829 Carondelet av.avenue
Kanstioger, Frank, ws.west side Bailefontatnerd. nr.near Bryan av.avenue
Kelly, Peter, n.north 2d, nr.near Carr
Kelly, Simon, 16 s.south 6th
Kerwin, Daniel, 806 n.north Levee. (See adv't page 88)
Kesphol, Frederick, 2000 n.north 14th
Ketterer, Samuel, 1805 Menard
Kirvin, Michael1314 n.north 10th
Kllnkert, Frederich, 1825 Menard
Klute, Casper, 1549 Carondelet av.avenue
Kunti, Nicholas, 1708 Franklin av.avenue
Langeohacbcr, Philip, 1919 Franklin av.avenue
Laumann, John, ws.west side Bellefoutatoe rd.road nr.near Bryan av.avenue
Largue, Gforgc, 306 Carr
Link, George, 4126 Broadway
Mostroth, Henry1810 Market
Marlins & Boy , 1322 Cass av.avenue
Marx, Frederick, 1916 Broadway
Miugh, Chariea1422 North Market
McNamara & Love , 710 Biddle
Mersmann, Bernhaerdm2701 Broadway
Michael, & Siebke, 2024 Market
Michel, Johan1000 s.south 4th
Miller, William, 1562 s.south 7th
Moran, William,
1111 n.north Main
Mneller, DvilelGravoi rd.road nr.near MeNair av.avenue
Mneller, William, 1552 s.south 7th
Mueller, William, 1733 Franklin av.avenue
Nleden, Robert, 21 Moere
Niederhof, John, 2815 Broadway
O'Brien, Dennis" ns.north side Mafden lafbet. 20th and 21st
Pauly P.J. & Bro. Main, cor.corner Wash
Pelican, Joseph, 1707 Caronde et av.avenue
Perper, Frank, 1622 North Market
Placke, August, 1014 n.north 17th
Pudiwitr, Martin, 2307 Chouteau av.avenue
Rady, Michael, 15 s.south 10th
Reinschmldt, John, ws.west side Broadway, bet.between Bremen av.avenue and
Roth, Benjamin1528 Clark av.avenue
Rudolph, William, Penrose av.avenue bet.between Broadway and 10th
Sanwald, Frederick, 928 Market
Schaperkotler & Kolley , 2008 Market
Scheer, Jacob, 1526 Market
Scherar, John, 2642 Franklin av.avenue
Scherar, Nicholas, 2710 Franklin av.avenue
Schinke, Frederick, 1509 Franklin av.avenue
Schmieding, Bernhard H.1901 Menard
Schmitt, M.es. Bellefontalne rd.road nr.near Bryan av.avenue
Sharader, William, 921 n.north 2d
Seim, Charleses.east side Grand av.avenue nr.near Gravois rd.road
Sheahon, Daniel, 1026 Collins
Sinn, George A.2207 Carondelet av.avenue
Sontag, Hinery, Elleardville
Sontag & Gross , 1721 Franklin av.avenue
Stehle, Joseph, 2128 Franklin av.avenue
Steudemao, Ernst w.west , Carondelet av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner Chip-
St. Louis Novelty Works , Westlake, & Button, proprs .
1201 to 1217 n.north Main
St. Louis Steam Forge and Novelty Iron Works , Wm., e.east
Raynor, propr. 404 and s.south Levee
Teekmeyer, Frederick, 808 n.north 15th
Venock, John. 607 s.south 14th
Walz, Conrad, na. Cass av.avenue bet.between Prairie av. and Spring
Weber, Adam, Murphy's al.alley bet.between n.north 8th and 9th, Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Willis, William. 1603 Market
Wise, William, 2427 Franklin av.avenue
Zolaer, Heinrich, s.south Gravois rd.road bet.between Centre and McNair

Union Savings' Association , N. e.east Cor. Main & Walnut. Interst allowed on time deposits. See adv't bus.dept.department

American and Foreign Cassiwcres, A. Johnsos & Co.company , Main, comer Vine Street.