Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Without Good Butter a Dinner is Spoiled ; get it at D.Douglass, ', 210 Pine St.

Mill Machinery.
Halteman, Albert K.
1611 Jackson
Mill Picks.
Ford C, P. al. bet.between O'Failon and Betes , Main and 2d
Stubbs George, 1915 n.north 10th
Mill Picks and Spindles.
(Every kind.)
Todd G. & w.west & Co.company
917 and 919 n.north 2d, factory, 906 to 918 Collins. (See
adv't page 102)
Mill Springs.
Farrell, Joseph O.1428 n.north 10th. (See adv't page
Mill Stones.
French Burr Mill Stones,
G. & w.west Todd & Co.company 917 and 919 n.north 2d, factory,
906 to 918 Collins. (See adv't page 102)
(See also Flouring Mills.)
Deis'er & ludewig , proprs. St. Louis mills, s.south 7th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Carroll
Henschen, Krite & Co.company
707 n.north 2d
Smith Alex. H. & Co.company office, 8 n.north Commercial
Milliners and Millinery Goods.
Altmann, Anna Mrs. 729 Franklin av.avenue
Ashoff, Elizabeth Mrs. 1021 O'Fallon
Avery, Thomas, 415 Franklin av.avenue
Baer e.east & Co.company 918 n.north 4th
Barron, S. e.east Mrs. 423 Olive
Baumann & Schreiner , 1700 Carondelet av.avenue
Beattie, Anna Mrs. & Robinson, 215 n.north 6th'
Bieg, ValentineN. 711 n.north 4th
Blell C.K. & Co.company 319 n.north 4th
Brady, Bridget Miss, 509 n.north 4th
Browning, Mary M.1415 Gay
Burmester, Phililpina Mrs. 707 n.north 3d
Burnes, K. Miss. 316 n.north 5th
Burnside, Mary Mrs. 1227 n.north 7th
Clifford, Elizabeth, 1025 Washington av.avenue
Cohen & Co.company 1284 s.south 5th
Collins, Mary Miss, 13 s.south 14th
Cronan, Joanna M. Miss, 612 Olive
Orowell, Sarah Miss, 1120 Olive ,
Daniels, Catharin Mrs. 719 Franklin av.avenue
Davis, n.north Mrs. 405 n.north 4th
Deneny, Mary Mrs. 327 Market
D'Episy, L. F. Madame
419½ n.north 4th
Dougherty, Daniel, 3517 Broadway
Doyle, A. M, Mrs. 1221 s.south 5th
Ealer, Henrietta Mrs. 2.21 Menard
Fisse, J. H. Mrs. 421 n.north 4th
Flukes, Sarah Mrs. 2137 Clark av.avenue
Folkers, Antoinette Miss, 619 Morgan
Franck, Sophia Mrs. 401 Franklin av.avenue
Fuerth, Julia^1240 s.south 5th
Gardener, Robert, 2104 Franklin av.avenue
Glass, William, 1010 Franklin av.avenue
Greenbaum, Schroder & Co.company 411 n.north 4th
Hamilton & Ross ,
902 Market
House, Joe Miss, 409 4th
Hummel, Catharine, 504 s.south 4th
Hutton, Carrie L.703 Olive
KatZ, Charles, 615 n.north 3d
Kennedy, Mary A.R. 214 s.south 5th
Kettleman, Hermann, 1518 North Market
Klett, Henry, 2424 Broadway
Klie, e.east Mrs. 1211 Franklin av.avenue
Krug Miss & Mrs. Bliesner , 303 Market
Letzig, Mary, 1430 Carondelet av.avenue
Lewandovska & Friese , 411 n.north 5th
Lowerstone, Marcus, 805 n.north 3D
Lutz, John T.1626 Carondelet av.avenue
Magnus, Louis, 1226 s.south 5th
Marggraf, A. Mrs. 18.5 North Market
McCaffery, Marry Miss, 707 n.north 4th
McCrory M. & M. 1419 Market
McKenzie & Freeman , 711 Olive
Meagher, Ellen Mrs. 304 Market
Michael, Annie Mrs.1220 Morgan
Moloney, Annie Miss. 711 n.north 3d
Motz, Peter, 2022 Carondelet av.avenue
Mummey, M. B. Miss, 806 Washington av.avenue
Myers, s.south Mrs. 9 s.south 5th
Neuhaus, Louisa Mrs. 814 Biddle
Oertel, Dorothea Mrs. 321 s.south 7th
Ordes, Elizabeth J. Miss, 812 n.north 5th
Orme, e.east Mrs. 505 Franklin av.avenue
Oschner, Bertha Mrs. 406 Market
O'Sullivan, Anna Mrs. 7 s.south 5th
Paris, L.507 n.north 4th
Peltasohn, Pelta, 717 n.north 3d
Prases, Louisa Miss, 1312 Franklin av.avenue
Rein, J. Mrs 609 Wash
Ribot, A. Mrs. 409 n.north 4th
Richards, A. M.314 n.north 5th
Ritter, Valentine, 1900 Broadway
Rohlfing, Amelia Mrs. 603 Franklin av.avenue
Ross, Susan Mrs. 604 Olive
Schiermann, Caroine Mrs. 609 Franklin av.avenue
Schneider, Anna, 1209 Biddle
Schwartz, Caroline, 1254 s.south 5th
Sherwin, Eliza Miss, 1402 Market
Shields, Maria, 404 n.north 5th
Stone, Eva Miss, 618 Biddle
Strauss s.south & Co.company 421 n.north 4th
Thiemann, Barbelle, 1017 Market
Von der, An George, 1726 Carondelet av.avenue
Weber, Caroline, 2460 Franklin av.avenue
Welker, Margaret Miss, 1209 Biddle
Willhart, Elizabeth, 1100 Franklin av.avenue
Wortmann, Mine Mrs. 1812 Biddle
Zulzer, Matilda Mrs. 811 n.north 3d
Zurcher, Caroline, 7.2 s.south 2d
Millinery Goods.
Gauss, Hunlcke & Co.company 101 n.north Main
Kimbrough, Geroge C.312 n.north Main
Rosenheim & Levis ,
402 n.north 4th
Schielel T. & m.
606 n.north 4Th
Tuttle e.east G. & Co
502 n.north 4th
Wormster, Gutmann & Co -
604 n.north 4th
CraneJoseph, , 1114 Benton
Halteman, Albert K.
Turner, William C.2022 Estelle
Mineral Water
Buff & Kuhl ,
121 s.south 4th and 315 Poplar
Mineral Water.
Buff & Kuhl ,
121 s.south 4th and 315 Poplar
Mining Companies.
Gra by Mining and Smelting Co.company room & Law and In-
surance bldg.building
Missouri Consolidated Mining Co.company , Alfred
Clapp., gen.general supt.superintendant Col. Frank H.Fletcher, , sec.secretary 222
Pine. (See adv't front cover and Page 226)

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main & Walnut Sts. Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Ticks, Stripes and Checks, A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main, corner Vine Street.