Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D. A. January & Co., Grocers Since 1832, Nos. 406 and 408 North 2d Street.

Horse Shoes And Miners' Picks , A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main st.street , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Wetzbll Z.F. & Co.company
104 and 106 n.north Main
Petrolenm Paper.
Page, Smith, Lewis & Co.company
208 n.north 2d
Sander Enno & Co.company
2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Walnut. (See adv't page I, front col'd)
Sbnne Wald, Ferd. w.west
Market, se. cor, 3d
Photographic Galleries.
Adams, Rodney F.Photographic
and Portrait Gallery , 215 n.north 4th. All
binds of Pictures copied equal to the
original. Also Pictures taken from life,
all sizes, and satisfaction guaranteed.
Boehl & Koenig , 104 o. 4th
Brecht & Co.company
Brown, M, 508 n.north 4th
Cramer & Gross ,
1264 s.south 5th
Evans, David H, 417 Washington av.avenue
Fitzgibbon, J. H.116 n.north 4th
Fox, Andrew J.402 and 404 Olive, cor.corner 4th
Green, Joseph, 2108 Franklin av.avenue
Gosling, Alfred G.2409 Broadway
Gross H. & Co.company 500 s.south 4th
Hoelke & Benecke , Market
Hughes, F. n.north 406 Locust
MoCounll, George H.401 n.north 5th, ne.northwest cor.corner Locust
Mellor, Joseph n.north
2181/2 n.north 4th
Oster, Valentine, Benton, , necor.corner 16th
Outley, John J.114 n.north 4th
Petit, Lavina e.east Mrs.908 Broadway
Phillips, John H., Washington av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner 3d
Rabenau, Daniel, 1111 Franklin av.avenue
Rino, August, 801 Franklin av.avenue
Rivers, Thomas L.224 n.north 4th
Saettele, Max, 1408 Carondelet av.avenue
Siholton, John A.5th, nw, eor. Olive
Schoo, Henry, 1200 s.south 5th
Seibert, J. A.5th, ne.northwest cor.corner Market
Urie, Arthur T.2 n.north 4th
Vogel, William, iO s.south 4th
Wood, Albert w.west 404 Market
Photographic Stock and Materials.
Russell, C. s.south
(successor to e.east Mead & Co.company ), 807 n.north 4th
Tilford, William H.18 n,north 4th
Robinson, William, 215 Olive
Physicians and Surgeons,
Allen, Henry B.907 n.north 6th
Allen, James X.1019 Morgan
Alleyne, Jeremiah s.south B.1908 Carr
Anderson, Phillip, 606 n.north 5th
Anderson, Richard s.south 517 Locust
Armstrong, Peter 0.802 n.north 6th
Armstrong, Thomas T.1129 n.north 25th
Arnaud, A.507 Chesnut
Auler, Hugo, 1910 Hamtramck
Bahreohurg, Joho H.919 Wash
Baldwin, s.south C.1401 Chontean av.avenue
Ballou, Jnliue, 710 Marlon
Bang, George P.1814 Benton
Banister, Thomas T.1601 Carondelet av.avenue
Barker, William s.south 2601 n.north 10th
Barnes, Algernon s.south
11th, ne.northeast cor.corner Morgan
Barnes, Augustus F.813 n.north 16th
Barr, Edwin w.west 1201 Washington av.avenue
Barrett, B. A.2 n.north 4th
Bateman, Thomas. 700 Market
Bauduy, Jerome K.2106 Clark av.avenue
Baumgarten, P. e.east 811 Market
Baumgartcn, Gustavus, 922 Pine
Bauricher, Charles H.613 s.south 6th
Beach, e.east e.east Mrs.
120 n.north 16th
Beadle, Henry, 800 n.north 6th
Beck, Lonis, 14 s.south 4th
Benkeodorl, Edward, 400 a. 14th
Beringer, Leopold,
810 Chambers
Blank, Charles, 1328 s.south 5th
Blank, Oscar, 1627 Franklin av.avenue
Bliekhann, George H.912 n.north 10th
BoeBewetter, Otto e.east 809 Market
Bohemian, C, A.814 Pine
Bahamian, William s.south 927 n.north 2d
Boielinlere, C. L.811 Chesnat
Bond, Young H.ns.north side Easton av.avenue opp.opposite Alby
Bosse, Louis, 1602 Franklin av.avenue
Bottomley, s.south H., Morgan, ne.northeast cor.corner Pratte ar.
Brennan, William n.north 106 n.north 4th
Brlggs, Charles, Sll n.north 7th
Brokaw, Frederick V.L., Market, se.southeast cor.corner 4tb, and 1404
Bryan, e.east H.414 Locust
Bryant, O. s.south 1102 Olive
Buettner, Ferdinand, 1023 n.north 6th
Butts' Dr. Dispensary ,
Market, ne.northwest cor 5th
Butts, H. B.5011/2 Market
Callaway, Lewis M., Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Bryan and Cle-
Camp, William F.811 Washington av.avenue
Campbell, George w.west 1328 s.south 5th
Cassllly, J. P.17491/2 Broadway
Castelhuhn, Carl, 1838 s.south 5th
Chapman, Olmsted H.708 n.north 4th
Clark, Joseph J.207 n.north 7th
Clemens, James w.west 404 n.north 5th
Clopton J.A. A Son , 604 Morgan
Cogan, James C.927 Morgan
Coleman, Edward s.south n.north 8th, ne.northwest cor.corner Mrrgan
Collins, William A.Elleardville
Conzelman, John, 1417 Carr
Cooper, w.west H.823 n.north 21st
Corbett, Daniel, 727 s.south 3d
Currao, William, 920 Pine
Curtman, Charles O.820 North Market
Cwirterdilnskl, Victor M.room 6, 613 n.north 5th
Dalton, Robert H., Elleardrllle
Dean, D. V.918 n.north 5th
De, Parsons H.610 n.north 5th
Depisy, Gilbert, 418X n.north 4th
Dickinson, William, 620 Locust
Diets, Philip J.2119 s.south 7th
Dinsmore, Mary, 1411 Jackson
Disse, Henry, 1718 Franklin av.avenue
Dorn, Edward, 1588 Carondeiet av.avenue
Douglass, J. T.7 s.south 14th
Downning, George P.
(col'd), 5 Green
Drate, Fraucis O.812 n.north 18th
Drechsler, William, 1627 North Market
Dudley, Gecrge F.6tb. sw.southwest cor.corner Market
Dwello, Hiory B.411 n.north 5th
Eaton, J, I.yssnder, 1417 Cass av.avenue
Eells, Franklin, 201)0 Clark av.avenue
Faber, John e.east 1416 Carondelet av.avenue
Feehan, e.east L.820 Washington av.avenue
Pergeson, J. B.room 10 Wtlttler bldg.building
Ferric re, Felix, 4 n.north 4th
Pioley, w.west w.west , Victor , bet,between Ceocile and McNalr av.avenue
Fischer, James, 1800 Fulton
Fisher, Gustavus, 1186 and 1137 s.south 7th
Plynn, Edward, 1813 Gay
Pondeoberger, Jacob, 1716 Buel

Brown and Bleached Towelings , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.