Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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January & Co.company , one of the Oldest Grocery Firms in St. Louis , 406 & 408 n.north 2d st.street

Gold Scales, ``Ames'' Showvels And Spades , AF. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main st.street , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Thraickill, John w.west 312 n.north 6th
Tin-ell, n.north D.721 Chesnut
Trevey, Robert, 8i7 Jefferson
Tyler, Benjamin r.residence , Elleardvilte
Uhlemeyer, Henry A.1311 Benton
Ushmann, Maria Mrs.1017 s.south 5th
Van, Studdiford Henry. 301 Vine
Vansaodt, Willlam, 410 Washington av.avenue
Vas'lne, Charles, 703 Pine
Tastine, Thomas J.703 Pine
Ton, Eversberg s.south 4th, ne.northwest cor.corner Walnut
Wadsworth, Timothy t, 1009 Locust
Walker, George 8.1326 Washington av.avenue
Walton, Lucius A.8212 Estelle
Warner, Louis g.1837 Morgan
Washington, J. r.residence 919 n.north 5th
Washington, n.north C.303 n.north 14th
Waters, James n.north 1019 Broadway
Webb, William, 120 n.north 13th
Weiss, Theodore, 417 Locust
Wesley A Plercr , 418 Olive
Whipple, John L.807 Jefferson
While, Frank w.west 411 Locust, bet.between 4tb and 5th
WhltehUl, James 0.701 St. Charles
Whittier, Clark. 617 St. Charles
Wiener, G. A.16th, se.southeast cor.corner Franklin iv.
Wh-secke, Henry, 1525 Pine
Wilber, A. G.719 St. Charles
Wiley, Wilferd 11.802 n.north 6th
Willard, John Dr.
(col'd), rear H42 Broadway
Wilson, Jane, 415 n.north 7th
Woif, Kriedrloh, 1729 8. 7th
Worlmsn, Wllliara s.south 606 Pine
Yarnall, Mordecai, S21 Locust
Young, Louis V.8609 n.north 9th
Youngblood, James M.108 n.north 10th
Zum, Hagen r.residence 222 Myrtle
Pianos and Melodeons,
Balmer &. Weber ,
209 n.north 4th
Piano Forte Bealers.
Bollman & Schatzman ,
107 n.north 5th
Dobmeyer J.J. & Co.company
212 n.north 5th
Groteguth, Frederick, 106 n.north 12th.
Loeulog, G. M.509 Chesnut
Nennstiel, Edward,
218 n.north 6th
Pommer, Anna s.south Mrs.203 s.south Sth
Saxt0N M.H. A Co.company , Walnut, , se.southeast corcorner , Sth, under
Southern hotel. (See adv't cor. cards, General Di-
Sherburne, Henry P.126 Market. (Sea adv't page
Sluder w.west H. & e.east e.east
813n.north 4th
Ulman, William F.
n,north 5th, cor.corner Locust
Piano Porte Makers.
Sferk.l Louis A Co, 1427 Carondelet av.avenue
Otto, William, 1718 Market
St. Lonis Piano Manufacturing Co.company John . Torilna, .
sec.secretary 101 s.south 6th, cor.corner Walnut
Thiebes, William,
805 Market
Wasch, Frederick, 1017 n.north 15th
Piano Forte Tuners.
Barber, John T.911 n.north 17th
Howe, Frederick B. with M.H. Saxton & Co.company Walnut, ,
se.southeast cor.corner 5th, under Southern hotel
Osberghouse, William, 1808 Bandolph
Pickles, Sauces, Preserves, etc.
McKay & Hood ,
601 n.north 2d
Picture Frame Makers.
Bullock, Thomas, 1631 Franklin av.avenue
Lohmann, Charles T.A.
14 s.south 4th
Pictures and Picture Frames.
Althause A Benson , 11 n.north 6th
Harding, George H.407 n.north 5th
Heyer & Perrln . 2003 Broadway
Isaacs, J. L.1209 Olive
Lohmann, Charles T.A.
14 s.south 4th
Pettes & Leathe ,
406 n.north 4th
Rychlicki, Adelbert,
813 n.north 5th
Scharrmann, George. 823 Market
Schlick, Joseph F.902 Franklin av.avenue
Seeger, John e.east
606 Olive
Smith & Morgan , 412 n.north 7th
Piece Goods for Meu's Wear.
Beardslee Charles & Bros. 403 n.north Main
Pig Iron Dealers.
(See also Iron Merchants.)
American Iron Mountain
Co.company 608 n.north 2d
lillie Safe and Iron Co.company 117 n.north Main
Meeker A.B. & Co.company
1140 n.north Main. (See adv't page 1006)
Western Elastic Sposge Co.company 720 n.north 5th, (See
adv't on back of book)
Pipes and Smokers' Goods.
Oettinger & Sterne ,
120 n.north 2d
Friedman M. & Co.company 320 n.north 2d
Wolff J. & Sons ,
405 n.north Main
Pipes, Snnff, etc.
Brinkmann & Schlange ,
100 n 2d, cor.corner Chesnut
Friedrman M. & Co.company 320 n.north 2d
Hoffmann, Emanuel, 302 Market
Stifel A Benson , 119 Pine
Plane Manufacturer.
Hunt, Sherry C.318 and 815 Locust
Planing; Machines.
Owens, Lane, Dyer & Co.company
717 n.north 2d, (See adv't front cover)
Planing Mills.
Broadway Planing Mill, Ferguson & Hodgman , proprs.
3300 Broadway
Ladd & Miller . 1825 Morgan
Market Street Planing Mill , Phlllbert, , Bran-
conisr A Cole , proprs. ws.west side Market, bet.between 16th and
16th, {See adv't page 1004)

Plain and Barred Jaconets , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.