Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D. A. January & Co.company , Dealers in Staple and Fancy groceries , 406 & 408 n.north 2d St.

Butcher'S Files And Chisels, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main St., Saint Louis, Mo.

Saddlery Warehouses.
Ford J.O. & Co.company
418 n.north Main
Heideman Dandurant & Co . 607 n.north Main
Schiefer, J.26 n.north Main
Sickles J.B. & Co.company
517 n.north Main
Stanbery Ira & Co.company 415 n.north Main
Saddles and Harness.
Alles, Henry J.210 Market
Cousland, George, agt.agent 414 n.north 4th
Gorman, Michael G.1027 Broadway
Hammel, August F.1902 Market
Mathes, Edward, Gravois rd.road nr.near Grand av.avenue
Saddles and Harness.
Dorsheimer, Lewis, 6 n.north Main
Ford J.O. & Co.company
418 n.north Main
Grimsley & Co.company 215 n.north Main
Peters, P.
114 n.north Main
Schiefer, J.26 n.north Main
Sickles J.B. & Co.company
517 n.north Main
Stanbery Ira and Co.company 415 n.north Main
Straus Jacob & Co.company ,
317 n.north Main
(Manufacturers and Dealers.)
Beard & Bro. 721 and 723 n.north Main. (See adv't page
Boercker, Charles, 17 n.north 2d
Excelsior Safe Works, Beard & Bro. proprs. 721
and 728 n.north Main, (See adv't page 886)
Heitz, George, 312 s.south Main
Lillies' Chilled Iron Safe, Lillie Safe & Iron Co.company mnfrs.manufacturers
117 n.north Main
Pawly & Corell , 114 and 116 Morgan
Warnhoff, Frederick, 2119 Franklin av.avenue
Alexander Jno.G. & Co.company
agts.agents 524 n.north Main
Pratt, Fox & Co.company agts.agents Main, se.southeast cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Shapleigh A.F. & Co.company
agts. Hall's Patent Concrate Safes , 414n.north Main. (See
adv't sides lines of pages)
Safes and Combination Locks.
Noyes, Alden & White-
Head , 420 n.north 3d
Sail Lofts.
Bishoff & Fesenfeldt , 522 n.north Commercial
Jennings, Michael, Commercial , se.southeast cor.corner Chesnut
Sale Stables.
(See also livery Stables.)
Andrews, James B.508 and 510 Carr
Grant, Samuel S. 6th, sw.southwest cor.corner O'Fallon
Griffin, r.residence. 406 and 408 n.north 8th. (See adv't page
Honig, Daniel,
613 Green
McPike, Abe.
19 n.north 6th
Milliken William P. & Co.company 1309 Broadway
Ryan & Brown , 410 and 412 Wash
Schulherr A. & Co . 1504 Broadway
Wolfort, Schulherr & Co.company 1538 Broadway
Wrenn, M.614 Chesnut
Abel, John, 2728 Manchester rd.road
Aeata, John, 614 n.north 11th
Albright, J.312 Vine
Amlong & Bro. 715 O'Fallon
Anderson, Michael, 711 Biddle
Andre, George H., Natural Bridge plank rd.road cor.corner Grand
Andreas, John L.310 s.south Levee
Angelbeck, Frederick, 3517 n.north 10th
Anschutz, George, 3230 and 2332 Broadway
Anselm, Frederick, 510 s.south Levee
Appel, Frederic, 425 Soulard
Appredaris & Voglesong , Broadway, , se.southeast cor.corner Biddle
Arata, John.614 n.north 11th
Arnold, H.7 n.north 5th
Arnold, M.205 s.south Main
Arth, John, 1223 n.north 5th
Avery, Edward e.east , Lucas market
Baccigalupi, Kate Mrs.6 s.south Levee
Bachmann, Hermann, 2001 Decatur
Backer, charles, 2503 Broadway
Badaracco, Guiseppe, 728 Morgan
Badaraco & Lamiele , 810 n.north Levee
Baer, Charles, Arsenal , se.southeast cor.corner Gravois rd.road
Baffer, Alexander, 7 and 9 Morgan
Baldauf, Robert, 2405 and 2107 Franklin av.avenue
Ballman, Henry, 1116 n.north 18th
Barboro, James s.south 935 n.north 7th
Barchi, Peter721 Spruce
Barrett, John, 811 n.north Levee
Barry, August, 112 s.south Levee
Barry, Catharine, Levee, cor.corner Wash
Barry, Philip.1308 n.north 7th
Bartram, John, 1713 Decatur
Barista, Berto, 14 n.north Levee
Bauer, Andreas, 2018 Carondelet av.avenue
Bauer, Charles, 2118 Carondelet av.avenue
Bayer, Frederic C.614 Franklin av.avenue
Bayer, Henry, 2628 Morgan
Bayer, Jacob, 1320 Broadway
Bebie, John, 826 Market
Beck, Christian, 703 s.south Main
Beck, H.300 n.north 12th
Becker, William, 2525 Broadway
Beckmann, August H.w.west 401 and 403 s.south 4th
Beffe, Alexander, 7 Morgan
Beglow, John, 612 n.north 3d
Behrns, John, 211 n.north Levee
Belle, Frank, 210 n. Levee
Bek, Sylvester, 315 Market
Bender, Frank C.1228 s.south 7th
Bender, John, 1034 Broadway
Bender, Rudolph, 2311 Franklin av.avenue
Bensberg, Jacob, 1910 Market
Bensiek, John, l223 n.north 13th
Bentley, Joseph, Palm.ne.northwest cor.corner Broadway
Benyfeld, Alexander.1200 and 1202 Franklin av.avenue
Berken, John, ws.west side Bellefontaine rd.road nr.near Bryan av.avenue
Berry, Luke, 509 n.north Levee
Bertetta, John, Green, se.southeast cor.corner 8th
Berwin & Co.company
314 Green
Besancon, John P.404 n.north Levee
Bessehl, Emil H.
421 and 423 Chesnut, cor.corner 5th
Best, August, 3th, ne.northeast cor.corner Carr
Beuttle, John, 2000 Kosciusko
Biezer, John, 2101 Christy av.avenue
Billings & Co.company 411 Pine
Binder, Henry, 936 n.north 8th
Birkenmeier, Alexander, 2922 Chouteau av.avenue
Birzer, John, 2101 Christy av.avenue
Blanche, Anthony, ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Lemp and
Blangash Nicholas & Co.company 406 n.north Levee
Blech, John C.1616 Market
Blind, Charles F.1712 Carondelet av.avenue
Boecher, John, 1125 s.south 3d
Boem, Frank, 3d, sw.southwest cor.corner Elm
Boening, Henry, Columbus, nw, cor.corner Barry
Boettcher, Adolph, Franklin av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner 18th
Bohlinger, Mary J. Mrs.60 s.south 7th
Bohn, Henry, 2106 Franklin av.avenue
Bombery, Thomas, ss.south side North Market, bet.between 21st and Pratte
Boniolli, Luigi, 403 s.south Levee
Bonnet, John, 108 n.north 4th
Borgstede, Herman, 1000 Market

Jeans, Tweeds and Satinets , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.