Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Insurance Company
Of St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts.streets
Cargo, Fire & Freight Risks Taken.

Wm. C.Wilson, , Jno. J.Conroy, , J. e.east Carpenter, ,

J. M.Bemis, , J. C.Ewald, , Samuel H.Brown, ,

Henry C.Yaeger, , Cyrus w.west Gray, , EdwardWider, ,

A. K.Northrup, , A. s.south Stoddard, , Wm. H.Stevenson, ,

R.Beauvais, , JulesValle, , Wm. P.Hancock, ,


Wm. C.Wilson, , President, J. M.Bemis, , Vice President,

R. s.south Elliott, , Secretary.

Union Savings Association,
n.north e.east Corner Main And Walnut Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Authorized Capital - - - $500,000

Paid Up Capital - - - - - - - 125,000


T. s.south Rutherfurd, , FrancisWhittaker, , G. w.west Updike, ,

DanielCatlin, , BenjaminHorton, , W. C.Wilson, ,

H. C.Yaeger, , C. L.Tucker, , J. H.Lucas, ,

F. G.Niedringhaus, J. J.Donegan., EdwardTraube, ,

Jno. B.McKay.,

T. s.south Rutherfurd, , Pres't.W. C.Wilson, , V. Pres't.

This Association Receives

Money on time and Current Deposits. Loan Money on Real Estate security, buys and sells Ex-
change, Bonds and other United States Securities.

Makes collections at all accessible points, and performs all the functions of a Bank of Deposit and
Discount. Deposits of $1.00 and upward received from all classes of persons,
Including Married Women And Minors,
and affording a safe and profitable place of Deposit for Executors and Administrators, Guardians
and Curators, Benevolent Societies, River Men, Laborers, Domestics and others.

Interest at the rate of, six per cent per annum, allowed on sums or Two Dollars and upwards,
on the first day of January and July, and if not withdrawn, compounded semi-annually.

The object of this Association is to encourage the Industrious and frugal to lay by such portions
of their earnings as they may be able to spare, and to provide for the safe keeping of Moneys re-
ceived on Deposit.

St. Louis, Feb. 14, 1868.