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St. Louis the Herald.
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“The Only Family Paper in the West.”

Its leading departments will comprise Editorials on topics
of fresh interest, Brilliant Romances and portraitures of Ameri-
can life; Editorial Reviews of new events in the world of

Belles Lettres,
Painting, Music,
and Sports.

Original Essays, the first look at New Books, and racy ac-
counts of sayings, happenings and doings in the Beau-Monde—
embracing the freshest matters of interest in this country—the
whole completely mirroring the wit and wisdom, the humor and
pathos, the news and sparkling gossip of the times. Also a
complete record of all sporting matters.

subscribers will receive The St. Louis Herald

Free of Postage!
1 Copy three months $ 75
1 Copy Six months 1.00
1 Copy one year 2.00

Subscribers living in the city will have their paper delivered
at their homes by carriers every Saturday.

To clubs and parties getting up a subscription list, a liberal
discount allowed or commission paid.

Subscriptions will take place immediately, or at any time the subscribers prefer.

Address the proprietors and publishers,
L. C. Tetard &