The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Iv Preface.
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occurred, but this is through no fault of ours, for our
canvass has been complete and thorough. Again: we
have accomplished a great deal, and feel no small
sensation of pride in submitting the book to the
society people of St. Louis. It will serve a great
variety of purposes and make its standing so good
that in our second venture, a year hence, we will
receive a more general indorsement and co-opera-

We flatter ourselves that our little book will be
found in the drawing-rooms of the best people in St.
Louis. Its information is valuable—the result of hard
work; and to those who have kindly assisted us in the
undertaking we extend our warmest thanks. Trust-
ing in a substantial indorsement of our efforts, we
leave the “Elite”in the hands of the public.

The Publishers.