The elite directory of Saint Louis society
16 The Elite Directory. COM-CUE
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Comstock, Freeman J., Mrs., Lafayette and Arkan-
sas aves.avenues
ComstOok, Thomas G., Mis., s.w.southwest cor.corner 14th st.street and
Washington ave.avenue
Conant, Carrie, Miss, Alton.
Conn, Luther, Mrs.,s.e.southeast cor.corner Lafayette and McNair
Conn, Lizzie, Miss, West End Place.
Connery, W. H., Mis., Summit and Park aves.avenues
Conrad, Chas. W., Mrs., 915 Catalpa st.street
Conrad, Julius, Mrs., 915 Amelia st.street
Cobb, Gussie, Miss, 1520 Pine st.street
Cook, Isaac, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Cook, Douglass, Mrs., 3301 Cass ave.avenue
Cooke, Sophia, Miss, 2617 Pine st.street
Cook, Mrs., 2617 Pine st.street
Cooper, Alexander, Mrs., 1523 N.north Springst.
Copelin, E. C.Mrs., Compton Hill.
Copelin, John G., Mrs., Lafayette and Compton aves.avenues
Copp, Kate, Miss, 2322 finest.
Corbett, James M., Mrs., 1812 Wash st.street
Coste, Felix, Mrs., 1004 St. Ange ave.avenue
Coulter, John, Mrs., 2032 Morgan st.street
Couzens, John, Mrs.., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Couzens, Phoebe W., Miss, 2047 Washington ave.avenue
Cuwen, Agnes, Miss, 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Alexander H., Mrs., 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Mamie, Miss, 1317 Morton st.street
Coyle, James, Mrs., 1320 Olive st.street
Cozens, Carrie, Miss, 3433 Morgan st.street
Crafton, Lou., Miss, 2119 Eugenia st.street
Cragin, Charles O., Mrs., Ewmg ave.avenue , near Pinest.
Cram, George T., Mrs., 3103 Lucas ave.avenue
Crangle, James, Mrs., 1119 Leonard ave.avenue
Crangle, John, Mrs., 2014 Locust st.street
Crawford, Lillian, Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, T. L., Mrs., 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, Robert, Mrs., 1347 Garrison ave.avenue
Creveling, Henry C., Mrs., 1425 Lucas Place.
Crockett, D. V., Mrs., 1002 Pine st.street
Crouch, J. N., Mrs., 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Crow, Wayman, Mrs., 603 Garrison ave.avenue
Crunden, Benjamin K, Mrs., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Cuendet, Eugene J., Mrs., 2041 Washington ave.avenue