The elite directory of Saint Louis society
40 The Elite Directory. MOF-NEA
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Moffett, Leslie N., Mrs., 3201 Pine st.street
Montague, Fannie, Miss, 1103 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Edw., Mrs., 1316 Olive st.street
Moore, Hallie W.,1115 Washington ave.avenue
Moorehead, Ida M., Miss, 3037 Wellington ave.avenue
More, Anson E., Mis., 3113 Washington ave.avenue
Morgan, George H., Mrs., 3029 Morgan st.street
Morgan, Henry T., Mrs., 521 Ware ave.avenue
Morgan, A., Miss, 2648 Olive st.street
Morris, Belle, Miss, Franklin ave.avenue , near Grand ave.avenue
Morris, George A., Mrs., 3431 Franklin ave.avenue
Morris, Jennie B., Miss, 1700 Chestnut st.street
Morrison, Adele, Miss, s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Loeust sts.streets
Morrison, Mamie, Miss, s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Locust sts.streets
Morrison, J. L. D., Mrs., s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Loeust sts.streets
Morse, Thomas P., Mrs., 1919 Chouteau ave.avenue
Mortimer, John W., Mrs., 2669 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, Lizzi, Miss, 2914 Locust st.street
Morton, Isaac W., Mrs., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, R. H.Mrs., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Moses, Gratz A., Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
Moses, S. Gratz, Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
Moulton, Nellie G., Miss,2614 N.north 8th st.street
Moulton, Sylvanus, Mrs., 3002 Olive st.street
Mudd, Ella, Miss, 2703 Washington ave.avenue
Mueller, Herman, Mrs., 912 S.4th st.street
Mueller, I. F., Mrs., 912 S.4th st.street
Mulinili, Aurelia, Miss, 3537 Morgan st.street
Mulhall, James, Mrs., 3537 Morgan st.street
Mullen, Carrie, Miss, 2819 Lucas ave.avenue
Munger, Frank J., Mrs., 2702 Olive st.street
Munroe, Alice L., Mis., 1618 Olive st.street
Munson, John W.Mrs., 3501 Lindell ave.avenue
Munster, Mrs., 1026 Winter st.street
Murphy, MaryMiss, 2819 Lucas ave.avenue
Murphy, P. C., Mrs., 1124 Locust st.street
Murphy, F. G., Mrs., 728 S.8th st.street
Murphy, Rose, Miss, 2700 Walnut st.street
Murray, May, Miss, 705 N.north 10th st.street
Myerson, Lulu, Miss, 504 16th st.street
Myles, Albert, Mrs., 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Nanson, Joseph S., Mrs., 3508 Lindell ave.avenue
Nave, Abram, Mrs., 2819 Locust st.street
Neal, MaryMiss,1901 Morgan st.street