The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 41 NEW-ORE
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Newcomb, Kate, Miss, 3124 Pine st.street
Newcomb, Minnie, Miss, 8124 14ne st.street
Newcomb, N., Mrs., 3124 Pine st.street
Kevins, Mollie, Miss, Beaumont st.,street cor.corner Olive st.street
Nevins, Sarah,Mrs., Beaumont st.,street cor.corner Olive st.street
Newington, Mis., 1821 Pine st.street
Newman, Lemina M., Miss, 8037 Washington ave.avenue
Newman, Lina, Miss, 2109 Walnut st.street
Newman, Simeon T., Dr., Mis., 2711 Morgan st.street
Newman, Socrates, Mrs., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newton, A. C., Mrs., 1609 Chestnut st.street
Niccolls, Samuel J., Mrs., 2651 Olive st.street
Nichols, Mary, Miss, 2708 Olive st.street
Nichols, William, Mrs., 2708 Olive st.street
Nicholson, Belle, Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, David, Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, Jennie,Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, Peter, Mrs., 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nisbet, Henry A., Mrs., 1123 Compton ave.avenue
Nisbet, John L., Mrs.1 Benton Place.
Noble, John W., Mrs., 3043 Pine st.street
Noonan, Thomas S., Mrs., 1828 Wash st.street
Norris,Edmund P., Mrs., 29l7 Pine st.street
Norris, James N., Mrs., 3039 Pine st.street
Norvell,L. C., Miss, 2637 Washington ave.avenue
Norvell, Susie. Miss, 2637 Washington ave.avenue
Obear, E. G., Mrs., 3008 Locust st.street
Obear,Wm.William F., Mrs., Grand ave.avenue , near McRae.
O’Conner, Lou, Miss, 524 Gratiot st.street
O’Conner, Marv, Miss, 524 Gratiot st.street
O’Fallon, Beni., Mrs., 3600 Delniar ave.avenue
O’Fallon, Ruth, Miss, 3600 Delniar ave.avenue
O’Fallon, Caroline, Mrs., 2813 Pine st.street
O’Flaherty, Eliza, Mrs., 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
O’Grady, John, Mrs., 3429 Lucas ave.avenue
Oliphant, Robt , W., Dr., Mrs., 709 Locust st.street
O’Meara, Marv, Mrs., 2100 Warren st.street
O’Meara, Tessie, Miss, 2100 Warren st.street
O’Neil, H. G., Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
O’Neil, K.Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
O’Neil, Joseph, Mrs., 2304 Morgan st.street
Opel, Louis, Mis., 942 Autumn st.street
Opel, Minnie, Miss, 942 Autumn st.street
Ores, Carrie, Miss, 1525 Pine st.street