The elite directory of Saint Louis society
48 The Elite Directory. SEL-SIM
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Selby, Wm.William, Mrs., 3431 Lucas ave.avenue
Sellers, J. M., Mrs., 2636 Locust st.street
Selmar, Eberlein, Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue , near Califor-
nia st.street
Semple, Chas. H., Mrs., 505 Ware ave.avenue
Semple, . E. H., Mrs., 2713 Washington ave.avenue
Senter,Wm.William H., Mrs., 2737 Lucas ave.avenue
Shackleford, Genevieve, Miss, 28th and Pine sts.streets
Shands, Effie, Miss, 1404 Pine st.street
Shapleigh,A. F.,Mrs., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shaw,Gilbert J., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Shelton, Lizzie, Miss, 2016 Chestnut st.street
Shelton, Theo., Mrs., 2016 Chestnut st.street
Shepard, Charles P., Mrs., 3033 Chestnut st.street
Shephard, Clara E., Miss, 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, John R., Mrs,, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, Julia, Miss, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, Mary L., Miss, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Sheppard.J. W., Mrs., 2608 Olive st.street
Sherman, Edith B., Miss, 2633 Locust st.street
Sherman, Ella, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, Lizzie, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, Rachel, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, William T., Mrs., 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherrick, George W., Mrs., 2028 Pine st.street
Sherriek, Fanny Isabel, Miss, 2028 Pine st.street
Sherrick, Irene, Miss, 2028 Pine st.street
Shickle, Fred., Mrs., 2409 Chestnut st.street
Shields, Belle, Miss, 1118 Madison st.street
Shields, Emma, Miss, 1118 Madison st.street
Shields, George H., Mrs., Garfield ave.avenue , near Comp-
ton ave.avenue
Shields, John, Mrs., 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Schmidt, Flor. E., Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Short, Annie, Miss, 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Short, Emmie, Miss, 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Short, Orville N., Mrs., 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Shryock, George S., Mrs., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Shryock, William P., Mrs., 2707 Morgan st.street
Shultz, May I., Miss, 3005 Easton ave.avenue
Sickles, Susan E., Mrs., 3133 Lucas ave.avenue
Siegrist, John H., Mrs., 2221 Olive st.street
Siegrist, Mollie, Miss, 2221 Olive st.street
Simmons, Chester, Mrs., 3028 Locust st.street