The elite directory of Saint Louis society
50 The Elite Directory. SOU-STI
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Soule, R., Mrs., 3525 Lindell ave.avenue
Spain, Miss, 819 S.8th st.street
Speck, Chas., Mrs., 1206 Morrison ave.avenue
Speck, Corrine, Miss, 1206 Morrison ave.avenue
Speck, Ella, Miss, 1206, Morrison ave.avenue
Spencer, Horatio N., Mrs., 2725 Washington ave.avenue
Spinney, W. R., Mrs., 3132 Chestnut st.street
Spinsby, Lizzie, Miss, 2816 Adams st.street
Spinsby, Katie, Miss, 2816 Adams st.street
Sproule, Andrew, Mrs., 2212 Olive st.street
Sproule, Annie, Miss, 2212 Olive st.street
Sproule, Emily, Miss, 2212 Olive st.street
Squier, M. L., Miss, 1127 Washington ave.avenue
Stanard, Cora V., Miss, 3629 Lindell ave.avenue
Stanard, E. O., Mrs., 3629 Lindell ave.avenue
Stanford, Alice, Miss, 1615 Olive st.street
Stagg, George T., Mrs., 3035 Morgan st.street
Stagg, Henry, Mrs., 3633 Finney ave.avenue
Stanley, Kate C., Miss, Claggett ave.,avenue s.e.southeast cor.corner Papin.
Stanley,Lizzie, Miss, 9th and Warren sts.streets
Stanley, Nellie, Miss, 9th and Warren sts.streets
Stark, S., Dr., Mrs., 1421 Pine st.street
Stebbins, L. W., Mrs., 3503 Chestnut st.street
Steedman, Dr., Mrs., 2803 Pine st.street
Steigers, Clotilde, Miss, St. Louis County.
Stein, Oscar, Mrs., 2605 Morgan st.street
Stinde, Conrad, Mrs., 3032 Lucas ave.avenue
Stelle, Samuel M., Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Sterling, E. C., Mrs., 1318 Chouteau ave.avenue
Sterling, John, Mrs., 1120 Chambers st.street
Stettinus, Isabella, Mrs., 2307 Olive st.street
Stevens, Della, Miss, 3006 Locust st.street
Stevens, Mate, Miss, 3006 Locust st.street
Stevens, May, Miss, West End Place.
Stevens, May, Miss, 517 Ware ave.avenue
Stevens, Nathan, Mrs., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Stevenson, John D., Mrs., 2109 Walnut st.street
Stewart, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Charles, Mrs., 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Ettie, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Fannie, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stickney, Lucy, Mrs., 1009 Chouteau ave.avenue
Stickney, William J., Mrs., 3341 Morgan st.street
Stillwell, Sallie , H., Miss, 2344 Chestnut st.street