The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 57 WEL-WIL
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Wells, Rodney D., Mrs., s.e.southeast cor.corner 4th and Pine sts,
Carondelet .
Wells, Judge, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
West, George W., Mrs., 1614 Pine st.street
West, Kate, Miss,1614 Pine st.street
Wetzell, Z. S., Mrs., 3707 Washington ave.avenue
Whedon, E. H., Mrs., 2926 Washington ave.avenue
White, Anna B., Miss,2207 Olive st.street
White, Mary B., Mrs., 2207 Olive st.street
White, Ethel, Miss,2622 Gamble ave.avenue
White, Mollie A., Miss,1024 Clay ave.avenue
White, Fannie, Miss,3226 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, Nellie, Miss,3226 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, T. Ewing, Mrs., 507 Ware ave.avenue
Whitehead, John B., Mrs,2d st., near Bates, Caron-
Whitelaw, George P., Mrs., 2027 Park ave.avenue
Whitelaw, Oscar L., Mrs., 3026 Morgan st.street
Whitelaw, Robert H., Mrs., 3234 Morgan st.street
Whitley, Annie A., 2803 Thomas st.street
Whitley,Evie A., Miss,2803 Thomas st.street
Whitman, Charles, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Whitney, Augustine, Miss,804 Olive st.street
Whitney, ViolaMiss,804 Olive st.street
Whittaker, Charles, Mrs., 2813 Lucas Place.
Whittaker, John, Mrs., 2813 Lucas ave.avenue
Whittemore, Robt. B., Mrs., 829 S.8th st.street
Whitthorne, Campbell, Mrs., 919 Garrison ave.avenue
Wickham, John, Mrs., 1712 Lucas Place.
Wickham, Blanche, Miss,1712 Lucas Place.
Wickham, Fannie, Miss,1712 Lucas Place.
Wickwise, Clara, Miss,Barnum’s Hotel.
Wickwise, Sue, Miss,Barnum’s Hotel.
Wilson, Lillian, Miss,27 S.16th st.street
Winchester, Charles J., Mrs., 2311 Eugenia st.street
Wise, Lotta, Miss,2007 Lucas ave.avenue
Wise, Jennie, Miss,2919 Laclede ave.avenue
Williams.Ben., Mrs., 2322 Walnut st.street
Williams, Henry W., Mrs., 4th st., near Elmwood st.,
Williamson, Charles K., Mrs., 3107 Lucas ave.avenue
Wilson, Ida, Miss,2619 Pine st.street
Wilson, Maggie, Miss,2919 Locust st.street
Wilson, Robert M., Mrs., 3244 Pine st.street