The elite directory of Saint Louis society
12 The Elite Directory. BUC-CAP
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Buckingham, Florence L., Miss, 3804 Locust st.street .
Buckingham, Conciseli, Mrs., 2804 Loeust st.street
Buckner, Bettie, Miss, St. Charles, Mo.Missouri
Budd, Katie C., Miss, 3515 Chestnut st.street
Budd, Louise O., Miss, 3515 Chestnut st.street
Budd, Thomas D., Mrs., 3515 Chestnut st.street
Bulkley, Minni, Miss, 3119 Lucas ave.avenue
Bunn, H. C, Mrs., 2702 Dayton st.street
Burehard, Mortimer N., Mrs., Shaw ave.avenue west of
Grand ave.avenue
Burg, Henry, Mrs., 1519 Carondelet ave.avenue
Burg, William, Mrs., 159 Carondelet ave.avenue
Burkenbaeh, Amelia, Miss, 826 S.10th st.street
Burlingham, Aaron H., Mrs., 2710 Leeust st.street `
Busch, Adolphus, Mrs., Menard st.street near Crittenden st.street
Buse, Jennie, Miss, 834 S.6th st.street
BuseMaggie, Miss, 834 S.6th st.street
Bush, Isador, Mrs., 1351 Morton st.street
Bushey, Frank, Mrs., 1209 Chambers st.street
Buskett, James L., Mrs., Laclede ave.avenue near Grand ave.avenue
ButlerJos. G., Mrs., Grand ave.avenue near Lafayette ave.avenue
Butler, Lawrence, Mrs., 1520 Lucas Place.
Byrd, George H.Mrs., 217 Summit ave.avenue
Cabanne, Joseph C., Mrs., 3187 Lucas ave.avenue
Cabanne, S. C., Mis., 3429 Franklin ave.avenue
Cabanne, Stella, Miss, Lucas ave.avenue bet.between 27th and 28th
sts.streets north side.
Cabot, Joseph C., Mrs., 2113 Pine st.street
Cahill, Amada. Mis., 1301 Washington ave.avenue
Cain, Joseph, Mrs., Osceola st.street near Stringtown Road.
Calhoun, James C, Mrs., 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Campbell, Georgie, Miss, 1801 Wash st.street
Campbell, Given, Mrs., 2221 Lafayette ave.avenue
Campbell, Robert, Mrs., 1508 Lucas Place.
Campbell, Robert A., Mrs., Windsor Flats.
Campbell, Miss, cor.corner Pine st.street and Kwing ave.avenue
Campen, Henry, Mrs., 2634 St. Louis ave.avenue
Campfield, Mrs., 2638 Camble ave.avenue
Candee, Belle, Miss, 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, Kate, Miss, 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, W. B., Mrs., 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, Miss, 1604 Wehster ave.avenue
Cantwell, John J., Mrs., 2702 Lucas ave.avenue
Capen, George D., Mrs., 1520 Olive st.street