The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 73 LIN-McD
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Lindenschmidt, C., 2808 Olive st.street
Lindsey, Andrew J., 3542 Washington ave.avenue
Lindsley, J. T., 2931 Sheridan ave.avenue
Lightner, Frank, 1637 Washington ave.avenue
Linton, Frank, College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Linton, Ben., College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Lionberger, Isaac H., 1601 Olive st.street
Little, Wm.William C., Lindell Hotel.
Litton, Charles M., 2220 Eugenia st.street
Livermore, Emery, 2712 Stoddard ave.avenue
Livermore, Heber, 1215 Washington ave.avenue
Lockwood, Archie H., St. Louis County.
Lockwood, George, Webster Grove.
Lockwood, George R., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Lockwood, James T., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Loker, George H., Jr.junior , 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, Harry, 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, William N., 2312 Scott ave.avenue
Long, John F., 2127 Olive st.street
Long, John H., 3523 Olive st.street
Long, William S., 3523 Olive st.street
Longfellow, Stephen, 907 Glasgow ave.avenue
Loring, Charles A., 413 Chestnut st.street
Louderman,James S., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
Lucas, Charles, 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Henry V., 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Joe. D., 1515 Lucas Place
Lucas, John B. C., 1515 Lucas Place.
Ludlam, Charles F., 2811 Laclede ave.avenue
Luke, Robert A., 3026 Easton ave.avenue
McAllister, Andrew, 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McCabe, Anthony, 2813 Locust st.street
McCabe, Frank X., 2813 Locust st.street
McCartney, Sam., 105 S.16th st.street
McClellan, George, 2644 Olive st.street
McClelland, John, Beaumont Flats.
McCreery, William, 2601 Pine st.street
McCormack, Ed. A., 711 N.north 19th st.street
McDonald, Angus, 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, Edward C., 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, John, 1901 Morgan st.street
McDonald, Singleton3421 Olive st.street
McDowell, John B., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
McDowell, J. H., 1619 Washington ave.avenue