The elite directory of Saint Louis society
60 The Elite Directory. AND-BLO
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Anderson, James N., 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Anderson, W. H. H., Mercantile Library.
Anton, G. P., 310 N.north 5th st.street
Appleton, George D., Lindell Hotel.
Armstrong, H. D., Planters’ House.
Aull, James,Beaumont Flats.
Aull, Robert, Jr.junior , 3414 Washington ave.avenue
Avis, Charles W., 3512 Washington ave.avenue
Bacon, George D., Barnum’s Hotel.
Bagnell, William, cor Easton and Garrisoli aves.avenues
Bagot, Harry C.2316 N 11th st.street
Bailev, Henry V., 3010 Olive st.street
Baker, Samuel J., 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Barnes, William, 3526 Lindell ave.avenue
Barnes, W. S., Lindell Hotel.
Burnett, Benjamin, 2114 Gamble ave.avenue
Barnett, Marian, 1529 Pine st.street
Barnett, William , H., 1529 Pine st.street
Bartholow, Perryx, 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bartholow, Thomas , J., 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bates, Charles , F., 1012 Dollman st.street
Batte, Benjamin, 3408 Washington ave.avenue
Beach, Edward , N.2118 Chestnut st.street
Beach, Henry , O., 2118 Chestnut st.street
Beauvais, Lewis , K., Magnolia and Grand aves.avenues
Beck, George, Planters’ House.
Beck, J. S., 821 N.north 21st st.street
Behrens, Geo , F., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Louis J., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Wm.William L.902 Hickory st.street
Bell, Charles E., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Bell, Ernest P., 3623 Olive st.street
Bell, Leverett, 2826 Dayton st.street
Bell, Wm.William W., 3131 Chestnut st.street
Belvin, JohnMajor. Laclede Hotel.
Bemis, Frank M.1504 Pine st.street
Betts, George D., 1102 Morrison ave.avenue
Bissell, Sherrurd, Baden.
Blair, L. James, 2737 Chestnnt st.street
Blelock, G. M., 1011 Garrisoli ave.avenue
Block, Gorge M., 1703 Olive st.street
Blossom, E. D., 3000 Locust st.street
Blossom, R. N., 3000 Locust st.street
Blow, John G., 2635 Washington ave.avenue