The elite directory of Saint Louis society
78 The Elite Directory. PRI-ROE
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Price, M. M., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Price, Stephen G., 1827 Papin st.street
Price, Wm.William M., 1827 Papin st.street
Priest, August L., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Fred. K., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Geo. A., 908. 19th st.street
Priest, Warren1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Primm, JeanIllinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Wilson. Jr.junior , Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Vincent B., Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Provenchere, . Frederick. 1103 Paul st.street
Provenchere, Wm.William, 1103 Paul st.street
Puryear, John H., 406 N.north 5th st.street
Quinette, Chas. C., Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Germaine. Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Oliver J., 2815 Locust st.street
Quinette, Stephen. Papin ave.avenue , near Keuealv ave.avenue
Quinette, Wm.William H, Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Railey, J. G., 1016 N.north 19th st.street
Rankin, David, Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Hugh L., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, John D., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Robert. Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Thos., Jr.junior , Lindell Hotel.
Rapp, Alfred J., s.e.southeast cor.corner 21st and Cass ave.avenue
Rasin, Hansom, 1432 Poplar st.street
Rasin, Joseph. 1432 Poplar st.street
Ray,, Aleck, 2009 Sheridan ave.avenue
Ray, Ferman, 2909 Sheridan ave.avenue
Reyburn, Aniedee. 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Thos. F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Vallee F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reese, B. E., 600 Olive st.street
Reilly, Eugene, 2637 Locust st.street
Reyburn, Edward F., 2211 N.north 10th st.street
Reynolds, Thos. E., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Rex, William, 3403 Pine st.street
Richardson, James, Jr.junior , 2827 Locust st.street
Richeson, Thomas, 113 s. 16th.
Ritchev, Frank.1836 California ave.avenue
Robertson, H F., 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Robinson, Archie D, 2731 Chestnut st.street
Roeder, Conrad, 2821 Thomas st.street
Roeder, Frank, 2821 Thomas st.street