The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 79 ROO-SCR
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Rood, Clarence E.,2628 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rosenbaum, Chas. E., 13th and Grand ave., N. St. L.
Rosenheim, Edwin. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenheim, Otto. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenthal, S. W., Jr.junior , 1024 Hickory st.street
Rozier, Jules. 2711 Walnut st.street
Rozier, L. E.2711 Walnut st.street
Rude, C. K., 3638 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rush, A. B., 2702 Pine st.street
Russell, H. C2831 Washington ave.avenue
Russell, Wm.William A., 1802 Franklin ave.avenue
Ryan, Alfred D., 3627 Olive st.street
Rvan, L. Thomas. 3627 Olive st.street
Sale, Geo. W., 3114 Lucas ave.avenue
Sands, James T., Lafayette. s.w.southwest cor.corner Compton ave.avenue
Sanders, R. D., 2939 Washington ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall P., 3000 Finney ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall R., 3666 Finney ave.avenue
Sass, Richard F., 3126 Chestnut St.
Saunders, Ripley D., 2639 Washington ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Alex.,2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Jacob. 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Richard A., 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Savitz, Benj T., 2320 Walnut st.street
Savitz, James, 3820 Walnut st.street
Sayers, Kavid, 3305 Morgan st.street
Scarritt, Chas. H., 1424 Lucas Place.
Schmieding, Fred., Gratiot and Johnson sts.streets
Sehmuck, Anthony A., 2119 N.north 19th st.street
Schubert, Otto.925 Autumn st.street
Schuler, A. L. O., 1315 Linn st.street
Schulenherg, Fred. A., 1115 Paul st.street
Schulenberg, Otto G., 1115 Paul st.street
Schuyler, Fouis S., 2820 Locust st.street
Schuyler, Sanford F., 3830 Locust street.
Schuler, Wm.William R., 2820 Locust st.street
Scollav, Harry, 2309 Chestnut st.street
Scott, Mitchell. 3018 Lucas ave.avenue
Scott, Sam , S., 1615 Lucas Place.
Scruggs, Chas. O., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Edward G., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Gustavus1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Otis, 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Richard F., 1411 Olive st.street