The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 83 WAL-WOO
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Walsh, Daniel, 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Edward J., 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Poborts, 3506 Olive st.street
Walter, Wm.William R., 2619 Pine st.street
Wandall, Harry M., 1219 N.north 17th st.street
Ware, . Chas. A.,s.e.southeast cor.corner 14th and Chestnut.
Warner, . Charles S., 2900 Washington ave.avenue
Waterman, . Sherman J., 3118 Morgan st.street
Waters, Frank, 2309 Locust st.street
Waters, Frank A., 2611 Locust st.street
Waters, Wm.William P., 2309 Locust st.street
Watson, J. T., Jr.junior , 3030 Easton ave.avenue
Watson,, Piohard, 2830 Easten ave.avenue
Watson, Ringrove J., 214 Emily st.street
Webb, D. C.3528 Olive st.street
Webster, Joel C., 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Weil,August J., 1431 Lucas Place.
Weil, Jacob, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Weil, Joseph, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Welker, W., 1510 Olive st.street
Wells, Erastus. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Henry. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Rolla, 2725 Olive st.street
Welsh, Wm.William, 915 Catalpa st.street
Wiseman, Oliver F., 3531 Chestnut st.street
White, E. J., 2619 Pine st.street
White, Harrison S., 2207 Olive st,
Whitmore, B. F.,Dr., 2024 Cass ave.avenue
Whitthorne, Cam., 719 Garrison ave.avenue
Whyte, Joseph P., 2919 Pine st.street
Wickham, E.S., 1712 Lucas Place.
Wilkinson, Chas. A., 112 Argyle ave.avenue
Williams, E., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Jr.junior , 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Sr., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Wilson,, George W.,Webster Grove.
Wilson, C. H.,3517 N.north 9th st.street
Withnell, John, Merimac, near Minnesota ave.avenue
Withnell, Wm.William W., Merimac. near Minnesota ave.avenue
Witt, Thomas D., Mr., Planters’ House.
Wippern, Chas. C.1017 Morgan st.street
Wise, Charles J.,1718 Olive st.street
Wolcott, H.2615 Morgan st.street
Wood, Joel, Lindell Hotel.