The elite directory of Saint Louis society
62 The Elite Directory. CAL-CHA
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Calhoun, Kittland, 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Calhoum, Patrick2230 Gambile ave.avenue
Calif, Amos H.1109 St. Ange ave.avenue
Calif, Ben. H., 2800 Morgan st.street
Campbell, Hugh, Jr.junior , 1508 Lucas Place.
Campbell, . Joe., 1113 Pine st.street
Cantwell, Charles M., 2702 Lucas ave.avenue
Capelle, Eugene M., 620 Garrison ave.avenue
Carleton, Murray. 1600 Olive st.street
Carpenter, MarionLindell ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Carr, Childs2735 Chestnut st.street
Carr, Dabnev, 1900 Wash st.street
Carr, Walter C2228 Gamble.
Carson, Henry, 1708 Hickory st.street
Carson, James O., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., 102 S.4th st.street
Cartan, Laurence. 1618 Pine st.street
Carter, Sbreve J., 317 N.north 2d st.street
Case, T. C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Casey, John, Miami ave.avenue near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Jules A., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Thomas F., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Castlemau, George A., 3242 Olive st.street
Catlin, Daniel, Jr.junior , 2635 Olive st.street
Catlin, Ephron I., 2016 Olive st.street
Catlin, Theron, 2016 Olive st.street
Cavender, John H.Benton Place, above Park Place.
Chadbourne, Gideon W., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chadbourne, William K., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chamberlain, E. H.1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chamberlain, . William F., 1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Alfred. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, George , J., 1109 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Nelson C., 2734 Locust st.street
Chapman, Xewlin. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Charles, F., J. Barnum’s Hotel.
Chartrand, George M., 1624 Clark ave.avenue
Chase, Clinton, Carondelet Road, near Itasca.
Chassaing, J. H., Hotel Belvidere.
Chatard, Ferd. H., 1416 Pine st.street
Chatard, Fred , J., 1416 Pine st.street
Chauvenet, Louis, 2703 Lucas Place.
Chauvenet, Regis. 2703 Lucas Place.