The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 63 CHI-COR
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Chick, Henry,King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chick, Washington H., King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chouteau, Amedee B., 1722 Washington ave.avenue
Chouteau, Asby S. A., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Chouteau, August F., 1022 S.8th st.street
Chouteau, August, 1523 Lucas Place.
Chouteau, Pierre, Main, near Adams st.street , Carondelet.
Chouteau, Sylvester, 925 Amelia ave.avenue
Church, H. B., 1011 Garrison ave.avenue
Claflin, Charles A., 2911 Bell st.street
Clautice, B. F., n.e.northeast cor.corner 17th and Chestnut sts.streets
Clark, Jefferson C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Clark, Robert, Jr.junior , 3006 Locust st.street
Clark, S. J., 1703 Olive st.street
Clark, William O., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Clarkson, David Baldwin, St. Louis County.
Clayton, W. R., 1429 Pine st.street
Clegg, John, Mercantile Library Building.
Clemens, Alexander, 1220 Second Carondelet ave.avenue
Clemens, Bryan, Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clemens, James, Jr.junior , Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clement, Harry S., Lindell Hotel.
Clendenin, Kerr, 3329 Pine st.street
Cline, Fred’k A., 840 S.8th st.street
Cobbell, Ashley, 506 Olive st.street
Cochrane, Charles W., Windsor Flats.
Cole, Amedee B., 1728 Lucas Place.
Cole, George G., Lindell Hotel.
Collins, Charles L., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, Monroe, Jr.junior , 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, M. R., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, John Bates.3547 Pine st.street
Colman, Chalmer, 600 Olive st.street
Colville, David F., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Comstock, Freeman J., Lafayette and Arkansas aves.avenues
Conn, Harry D., 2931 Olive st.street
Conn, Wm.William A., 2931 Olive st.street
Conway, J. A., Park Flats, 12th and Olive sts.streets
Conway, J. T., St. Nicholas Hotel.
Cook, J. R., 2617 Pine st.street
Cook, Wm.William H., Lindell Hotel.
Corbet, George O., 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corbet, Wallace, 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corney, W. E., 2116 Wash st.street