The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 97 ROB-STA
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Robinson, W. E.Mrs., 2125 Walnutst.street
Rockwood, Thos. H., Mrs., 3023 Glasgow Place.
Rodgers, Nellie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Rogers, H., Mrs., 3220 Washington ave.avenue
Rowland, D. P., Mrs., 2910 Morganst.street
Rowse, E. S., Mrs., 1820 Shields ave.avenue
Rozier,F. F., Mrs., 1302 Mississippi ave.avenue
Ruben, M., Webster Grove.
Ruggles, H. I., Mrs., 1516 Walnutst.street
Rule,, Wm.William A., 3106 Easton ave.avenue
Rumsey, L. M., Mrs., 2701 Morganst.street
Russell, Lucie, Miss, 1906 Washst.street
Russell, T . G., Mrs., 1744 Missouri ave.avenue
Ryan, Theo., Mrs., 3627 Olivest.street
Sadler, Maggie, Miss, w. s.west side Spring ave.avenue , near Sulli-
van ave.avenue
Sadler,Wm.William H., Spring, bet.between St. Louis and Sullivan
Salomon, C. E., Mrs., 930 Winterst.street
Salorgne, Theo., Mrs., 1541 Chouteau ave.avenue
Samuels, E. E., Mrs., 3519 Washington ave.avenue
Sanguinette, M. P., Mrs., 3666 Fenway ave.avenue
Saugraun, Peter, 821 S.9th.
Schuyler, Lilly, Miss, 2317 Chestnutst.street
Scott, L. L., Mrs., Belvidere Flats.
Selby, Thomas H., 2707 Thomasst.street
Sells, Miles, Mrs., Cote Brilliante.
Senter, Henry, Planters’ House.
Shaw, Fannie, Miss, 1305 Lucas ave.avenue
Shaw, Mary J., Miss, 1305 Lucas ave.avenue
Simmons,Emeline, Miss, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Lois,Miss, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Marmiron, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Stanley, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Simmons, Warren, Webster Grove.
Simonds,L. M.,Mrs., 3424 Morganst.street
Slevin, Chas., Mrs., 1406 Pinest.street
Sloss, J. L., Mrs., n. s.north side Lindell ave.avenue , near Grand.
Smith, A. J., Mrs., 2911 Washington ave.avenue
Smith,A. S., Mrs., 3431 Franklin ave.avenue
Smith, Capt., Mrs., 2733 Locustst.street
Smith, E. F., Mrs., 2724 Washington ave.avenue
Smith,S. O., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Stanard, S. B.,Mrs., s. s.south side Penrose, near Broadway.