The elite directory of Saint Louis society
98 The Elite Directory. STA-WAT
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Stansberrv, . Ira.923 Webster Grove.
Stansberry, H., Mrs., 3818 Carondelel ave.avenue
Starkweather, E. B., Mrs., Lafayette ave.,avenue nrnear Grand
Storer, W. E., Belvidere Flats.
Sturgis, Ella, Miss, Locustst.street
Sturgis, . Genl., Mrs., Locustst.street
Switzer,M. .T., Mrs., 1725 Washington ave.avenue
Sparks, A. V.Mrs., Webster Grove.
Stanley,, Mrs., 9th and Warren sts.streets
Swain, Lillie, Miss, 21st and Walnut sts.streets
Taylor, Aline, Miss, 15thst.street and Clark ave.avenue
Taylor, Thomas M., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Timkin, Amelia C, Miss, e. s.east side Grand ave.avenue , nearst.street
Louis ave.avenue
Travis, A. C.Mrs., 1448 Garrison ave.avenue
Trevor, Belle, Miss, 1234 St. Ange ave.avenue
Troutman, Lillie, Miss, 927 Websterst.street
Taylor, Miss, Kirkwood.
Taylor, Wm.William C., Mrs., St. Louis County.
Terrell, Dr., Mrs., 1529 Papinst.street
Tholozan, . A., Mrs., 3502 Olivest.street
Thompson, Lottie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Thompson, N. D., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Thompson,, Robert, Webster Grove.
Ticknor, Julia, Miss, 2820 Pinest.street
Tilden, M. L., Mrs., 3005 Glasgow Place.
Tower, . Geo. F., Mrs., e. s.east side Grand ave.,avenue nr.near Park ave.avenue
Tracy, Chas., Mrs., 3518 Waahlnjcton ave.avenue
Tracy, John H., 2328 Olivest.street
Valle,, A.Mrs., 1516 Lucas Place.
Valle, Julia, Miss, 1516 Lucas Place.
Vogel, John C.Mrs., 820 Pinest.street
Waggenian, Major,Mrs., Porcher’s Restaurant.
Wahl,Josie, Miss, e. s.east side corcorner . Springst.street and Evans ave.avenue
Walker, Lydia, Miss, 2386 N.north 12thst.street
Ward, Lilly, Miss, e. s.east side 13th above Chestnutst.street
Ward, Mary, Miss, 1322 Pinest.street
White, Fannie , B., Miss, 3230 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, Nellie, Miss, 3230 Sheridan ave.avenue
Wainwright, C. D.Mrs., 1121 Morrison ave.avenue
Walker, . M. J., Mrs., Grand, nr.near California ave.avenue
Waller, Frank. 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Waterworth, James L., Gamble ave.avenue