The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 89 BUL-COZ
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Bull, J. C.Mrs., 1116 St. Ange ave.avenue .
Bulkley, P. C., Mrs., 3119 Lucas ave.avenue
Burns,D. D.., Mrs., 26th and Washington ave.avenue
Burns, Emma, Miss, 2612 Wash st.street
Burr, Chas. P., Mrs., 29th and Washington ave.avenue
Burr, Wm.William E., Mrs., Kilkwood.
Buseh, A., Mrs., 8th, S. W. cor. Pestalozzi st.street
Busch, Isidor, Mrs., 932 Hickory st.street
Bvrne,Jno., Jr.,junior Mrs., Stringtown Road.
Cabanne,V. E., Mrs., 1011 N.north 19th st.street
Campbell, Hugh, Mrs., 2728 Pine st.street
Carpenter, Geo. O., Jr.junior , 1837 Kenned Place.
Carter, M. S., Mrs., 3101 Pine st.street
Case, Dr, Mrs., Baden.
Case, Nannie. Miss.Baden.
Catlin, Daniel, Mrs., 3625 Olvre st.street
Chadbourne, G. W., Mrs., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chapman, N. C.Mrs., 2739 Locust st.street
Charles, C. T., Mrs., 2927 Pine st.street
Charles, Joseph, Mrs., 29th and Pine st.street
Charlot, C. S., Mrs., 2849 Clark ave.avenue
Cheek, Frances, Miss, 915 N.north 19th st.street
Chester, Fannie, Miss, 1428 S.13th st.street
Childs, E. S., Mrs., 2319 Eugenia.
Christopher, Fannie, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Christopher, Molile, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Christopher, Sallie, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Churchill,F. A., Mrs., 815 S.8th st.street
Clark, Anna, Miss, 2653 Washington ave.avenue
Clark, Ellen A., Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Clark, Herman J., Mrs., 12th and Autumn.
Clarkson, James L.,. Mrs., 5th st.,street cor.corner Kansas st.street , Ca-
Cline, Anna, Miss, 2234 Carr st.street
Clover, H. A., Mrs., 2116 Clark are.
Coleord, . Minnie. Miss, 2800 Morgan st.street
Collier, John P., Mrs., 2221 Lucas Place.
Collier, S. A., Mrs., 1605 Lucas Place.
Collier, W. B.,Mrs., Bridgeton. Mo.Missouri
Conrad, Adam, Mrs., 907 Amelia ave.avenue
Cook, Lizzie, Miss, s. e.southeast cur. Spring and Evans aves.avenues
Copp, Samuel, Mrs., 2303 Lucas Place.
Corby, Josephine. Mrs.2612 Gamble ave.avenue
Cozzens, Ella, Miss, St. Louis ave.avenue , near Glasgow ave.avenue