The elite directory of Saint Louis society
92 The Elite Directory. HER-KEI
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Hermans, Miss, 1827 Washington ave.avenue
Hinchman, Addie, Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hinchman, Hypacia. Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hinchman, Laura, Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hofman, F. W., Mrs., Rutgerst.,street cor.corner Benton Place.
Hoffman, Minnie, Miss.Webster Grove.
Hoffman, Samuel E., Lindell Hotel.
Holmes, J. R., Mrs., 2303 Walnutst.street
Holmes, M. S., Mrs., 3407 Pinest.street
Hopkins, Fannie, Miss,2936 Pinest.street
Hopkins, Lou, Miss, 2936 Pinest.street
Hoppe, Charles, Mrs., 1625 2d Carondelet ave.avenue
Hoppe, E. F., Mrs.3321 2d Carondelet ave.avenue
Hotopp, Annie, Miss, 2622 Clark ave.avenue
Howdell, Mattie, Miss, west side Grand ave.avenue , near
Easton ave.avenue
Howard, R J., Mrs., 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Howard, W. P., Mrs., 3003 Pinest.street
Hoyle, Ella, Miss, 1332 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hudson, B. F., Mrs.1125 Dolmanst.street
Hull, W. F., St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Hull, D. P., Jr.junior , St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues .
Hunter, H. W., Mrs., 1811 Kennett Place.
Hynson, Nannie, Miss, 921 Websterst.street
Hynson, Nettie, Miss, 921 Websterst.street
Irwin, Annie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Irwin, Mamie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Jackson, W. G., Spring ave.avenue and Summerst.street
Jackson, T. B., Spring ave.avenue and Summerst.street
January, T. T., Mrs., St. Louis County.
Jay, Edward, Mrs., 2929 Pinest.street
Jennings, R. W., Mrs., 1211 Garrison ave.avenue
Johnson, S. C.Webster Grove.
Johnston, Dr., Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Jones, Charles, Mrs., 2140 Eugeniast.street
Jones, C. K., Mrs., 2911 Laclede ave.avenue
Jones, E. D., Mrs., Clinton Place.
Jones, Emily, Miss, Clinton Place.
Jones, Fannie, Miss, 1524 Papinst.street
Jordan, Mattie, Miss, 1808 N.north Grand ave.avenue
Judson, Fred. N., Mrs., 2201 Park ave.avenue
Kearney, M., Mrs., 2631 Olivest.street
Keating, W. P., 1508 Washington ave.avenue
Keiler, Wm.William, Mrs., 2929 Washington ave.avenue