The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite Directory. 95 NAS-PLA
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Nashe, Maggie, Miss,2323 Olive st.street
Naylor, D. H., Mrs., 1011 Benton st.street
Nelson, W. S., Mrs.2656 Lucas ave.avenue
Nieman, Miss,913 N.north 13th st.street
Nieman, Gus., 907 N.north 13th st.street
Niccols, S. J., Mrs., 2651 Washington ave.avenue
Nisbet, R. N. , 1009 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Noel, H. M., Mrs., 1821 Kennett Place.
Noyes, W. A., Mrs., 3021 Easton ave.avenue
Noxon, A. R., Mrs., 19th and Olive.
Obear, M. J., Mrs., 2108 Lafayette ave.avenue
O’Fallon, H. A., Mr., 2813 Pine st.street
O’Fallon, John J., Mrs.
Owen, O. J., Mrs., 2335 Olivo st.street
Owings, J. R., 3202 Chestnut st.street
Paddock, C. K., Mrs., 2934 Locust st.street
Paddock, O., 2934 Locust st.street
Page, Wm.William M., Mrs., 2712 Locust st.street
Papin, L. J., Mrs., 2045 Eugenia st.street
Papin, P. D., Mrs., w. s. Minn. and Delmar ave.avenue
Papin, T. L., Dr., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Parker, Geo. W.Mrs., Oak Hill.
Parsons, Chas. M., 2804 Pine st.street
Parsons, W. C., Mrs., 1231 Washington ave.avenue
Partridge, Geo., Mrs., 1017 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Patchen, L. W., Mrs., Lucas Place and 23d st.street
Patrick, Wm.William, Mrs., 1618 Washington ave.avenue
Patrick, Wm.William, Mrs., 2324 Chetsnut st.street
Paule, Frank, Mrs., 1803 Carr Place.
Pearce, L. J., Mrs., 2207 Lucas Place.
Peck, Chas. H., Mrs., 3607 Vandeventer Place.
Pearce, Jennie, Miss,e. s.east side Grand, near St. Louis ave.avenue
Peck, Belle, Miss,3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peck, John W., Mrs., 2738 Olive st.street
Peebles, Dr., Mrs., 826 S.14th st.street
Pegram, George, Mrs., 1321 Chouteau ave.avenue
Peper, C., Mrs., 1522 Morgan st.street
Pepper, Fannie, Miss,1233 Chestnut st.street
Pettes, Henry, Mrs., 2812 Locust st.street
Peyton, Hattie, Miss,1403 Monroe st.street
Phillips, C., Mrs., 1508 Washington ave.avenue
Phipps, L., Mrs., 1512 Rosatti st.street
Piggott, A., Mrs., 1217 Dillon st.street
Plant, Fannie, Miss,Webster Grove.