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Return calls.

First calls should be returned as early as practica-
ble. Thirty days is very ample time for this import-
ant courtesy.


In case illness, excessive occupation, or other just
cause renders it impossible or very difficult to return
a call in person within the proper time, a card or note
of friendship and regret may be sent by post or mes-
senger. This will continue the acquaintance until a
call in person can be made, or an invitation to a re-
ception or other entertainment given.

Hours for calling.

The usual for calling are from two to five
P. M. An evening visit by a lady implies some degree
of social acquaintance, and should never be made as a
first call, except under special circumstances. From
seven to nine in the evening are the usual hours for
gentlemen to call; and there is nothing more delight-
ful in society than calls by husbands and wives, or
brothers and sisters together, during the evening hours, on their acquaintances and friends.


Plain engraved cards are always in good taste. In
making visits, always send in or leave your card.
At receptions the usher takes your card. At other
times, if the person called upon is not at home, you
turn down the right hand upper corner of the card,
to indicate that you came in person. If the visit is
intended for the various members of a family, you
either give several cards, or leave one with the entire
right end folded over. The choice is immaterial.