The St. Louis directory and register :

Green Tree Inn ,
St. Louis

[missing figure]

The subscribers respectfully inform their friends
and the public generally, that they have commenced
Business in Co-Partnership, as Inn-Keepers
in the above named very convenient, commodious and
old established house.

Situated No. 85 South Church street, about two squares
below the Roman Catholic Church.—where

Travellers & Others
will find it much to their interest to call, and may
rest assured of meeting with the best accommodations
for themselves and horses, at the Lowest Prices, at
which they can be afforded in St. Louis. They
pledge themselves that their Table shall always be
furnished with the

Best provisions that the country affords.
and that their Bar will be supplied with the most

Choice Liquors. Their stable is
large, convenient to the Inn, and will be always pro-
vided with plenty of good Feed and attentive Ostlers.

☞ Their price, per week, for Boarding and Lod-
ging, is Four Dollars,—those who lodge themselves
will be charged Fifty Cents less.—There is an en-
trance to their Inn between Nos. 86 and 88 south
Main street.

☞ They take in Horses at Livery,
and will at all times keep the best Horses and Carria-
ges for Hire.


*∗* Notes of the State Bank of Kentucky and its
Branches, and the State Bank of Tennessee and
Branches, will be received at Par in payment of bills.