The St. Louis directory and register :

Cast steel edge tool Manufactory ,
St. Louis, North Water-street, below the Team Boat Ferry

The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public that he was employed Lewis Newell in
the manufacture of Cast steel Tools of various kinds,
which he will warrant to be equal to any imported or
made in the United States; among which are the fol-
lowing, viz:

Broad and common Axes.

Chissels of every description.

Augers—of all sizes.

Draw knives, Curriers' Knives
Hoes, Mattocks, and in short every
other kind of Edge Tool;
He also Makes
Plough & Millirons
and executes every kind of work in
the Blacksmithing line with de-
spatch, and at reasonable prices.

Those persons who are not already acquainted with
the superior excellence of the Cast-steel, are informed
That an Axe
made of it, will out last at least four made of com-
mon steel,—and is equally as good for other tools.