The St. Louis directory and register :

Sec 10—The court of chancery shall have original and appellate
jurisdiction in all matters of equity, and a general control over exe-
cutors, administrators, guardians and minors, subject to appeal, in
all cases, to the supreme court, under such limitations as the gene-
ral assembly may by law provide.

Secsection 11—Until the general assembly shall deem it expedient to es-
tablish, inferior courts of chancery, the circuit courts shall have ju-
risdiction in matters of equity, subject to appeal to the court of chan-
cery, in such manner, and under such restrictions, as shall be pre-
scribed by law

Secsection 12—Inferior tribunals shall be established in each county for
the transaction of all county business; for appointing guardians; for
granting letters testamentary, and of administration; and for set-
tling the accounts of executors, administrators and guardians.

Secsection 13—The governor shall nominate, and, by and with the ad-
vice and consent of the senate, appoint the judges of the supreme
court, the judges of the circuit courts, and the chancellor, each of
whom shall bold his office during good behaviour, and shall receive
for his services a compensation which shall not be diminished dur-
ing his continuance in office, and which shall not be less than two
thousand dollars annually.

Sec 14—No person shall be appointed a judge of the supreme
court, nor of a circuit, nor chancellor, before he shall have attained
to the age of thirty years; nor shall any person continue to exercise
the duties of said offices after he shall have attained to the age of
sixty-five years.

Secsection 15—The courts respectively shall appoint their clerks, who
shall hold their offices during good behaviour. For any misdemeanor
in office they shall be liable to be tried and removed by the su-
preme court, in such manner as the general assembly shall by law

Sec 16—Any judge of the supreme court or of the circuit court,
or the chancellor, may be removed from office on the address of two
thirds of each house of the general assembly to the governor for that
purpose; but each house shall state on its respective journal the
cause for which it shall wish the removal of such judge or chancel-
lor, and give him notice thereof, and he shall have the right to be
heard in his defence in such manner as the general assembly shall
by law direct; but no judge nor chancellor shall be removed in this
manner for any cause for which he might have been impeached.

Secsection 17—In each county there shall be appointed as many justices
of the peace as the public good may be thought to require. Their
powers and duties, and their duration in office shall be regulated by

Secsection 18—An attorney-general shall be appointed by the governor,
by and with the advice and consent of the senate. He shall remain
in office four years, and shall perform such duties as shall be requir-
ed of him by law.

Sec 19—All writs and process shall run, and all prosecutions shall
be conducted, in the name of the ``State of Missouri,'' all write shall
be tested by the clerk of the court from which they shall be issued,