The St. Louis directory and register :

trict shall have been so long established, but if not, then of the dis-
trict or districts from which the same shall have been taken; and
who shall not, moreover, have paid a state or county tax

Secsection 6—The Senate shall consist of not less than fourteen, nor
more than thirty three members; for the election of whom she state
shall be divided into convenient districts, which may be altered from
time to time, and new districts established, as public convenience
may require; and the senators shall be apportioned among the se-
veral districts according to the number of free white male inhabit-
ants in each; Provided, that when a senatorial district shall be com-
posed of two or more counties, the counties of which such district
consists shall not be entirely separated by any county belonging to
another district, and no county shall be divided in forming a district.

Secsection 7—At the first session of the general assembly, the senators
shall be divided by lot, as equally as may be, into two classes. The
seats of the first class shall be vacated at the end of the second year
and the seats of the second class at the end of the fourth year; so
that one half of the senators shall be chosen every second year.

Secsection 8—After the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred
and twenty-two, all general elections shall commence on the first
Monday in August, and shall be held biennially; and the electors, in
all cases, except of treason, felony or breach of the peace, shall be
privileged from arrest during their continuance at elections, and in
going to, and returning from the same.

Secsection 9—The Governor shall issue writs of election to fill such va-
cancies as may occur in either house of the general assembly.

Secsection 10—Every free white male citizen of the United States who
shall have attained to the age of twenty one years, and who shall
have resided in this state one year before an election, the last three
months whereof shall have been in the county or district in which
he offers to vote, shall be deemed a qualified elector of all elective
offices; provided, that no soldier, seaman or marine, in the regular
army or navy of the United States shall be entitled to vote at any
election in this

Secsection 11— of any court of law or equity, secretary of
state, a state auditor, state or county treasurer, re-
gister clerk of any court of record, sheriff, coroner, mem-
ber of congress nor other person holding any lucrative office, under
the United States or this state, militia officers. justices of the peace
masters excepted, shall be eligible to either house of the general

Secsection 12—No person who now is, or who hereafter may be, a col-
lector or holder of public money, nor any assistant or deputy of such
collector or holder of public money, shall be eligible to either house
of the general assembly, nor to any office of profit trust until he
shall have accounted for and paid all sums for which he may be ac-

Secsection 13—No person while he continues to exercise the functions
of a bishop, priest, clergyman, or teacher of any religions persuasion,
denomination, society or sect whatsoever, shall be eligible to either
house of the general assembly; nor shall he be appointed to any of-