The St. Louis directory and register :

Secsection 27—In prosecutions for crimes, slaves shall not be deprived
of an impartial trial by jury, and a slave convicted of a capital of-
fence shall suffer the same degree of punishment, and no other, that
would be inflicted on a free white person for a like offence; and
courts of justice before whom slaves shall be tried shall assign them
counsel for their defence.

Secsection 28—Any person who shall maliciously deprive of life or dis-
member a slave, shall suffer such punishment as would be inflicted
for the like offence if it were committed on a free white person.

Secsection 29—The governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state,
auditor, treasurer, attorney general, and all judges of the courts of
law and equity shall be liable to impeachment for any misdemeanor
in office; but judgment in such case shall not extend farther than re-
moval from office, and disqualification to hold any office of honor,
trust or profit under the state. The party impeached, whether con-
victed or acquitted shall nevertheless be liable to be indicted, tried
and punished according to law.

Secsection 30—The house of representatives shall have the sole power
of impeachment. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate,
and when sitting for that purpose, the senators shall be on oath or
affirmation to do justice according to law and evidence When the
governor shall be tried, the presiding judge of the supreme court
shall preside; and no person shall be convicted without the concur-
rence of two thirds of all the senators present

Secsection 31—A state treasurer shall be biennially appointed by joint
vote of the two houses of the general assembly, who shall keep his of-
fice at the seat of government No money shall be drawn from the
treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law; and an
accurate account of the receipts and expenditures of the public
money shall be annually published.

Secsection 32—The appointment of all officers not otherwise directed
by this constitution shall be made in such manner as may be pres-
cribed by law; and all officers both civil and military under the au-
thority of this state shall, before entering on the duties of their respec-
tive offices, take an oath or affirmation to support the constitution o-
the United States, and of this state, and to demean themselves faith-
fully in office.

Secsection 33—The general assembly shall meet on the third Monday in
September next; on the first Monday in November eighteen hun-
dred and twenty one; on the first Monday in November eighteen
hundred and twenty-two; and thereafter the general assembly shall
meet once in every two years, and such meeting shall be on the first
Monday in November, unless a different day shall be appointed by

Secsection 34—No county now established by law shall ever be reduc-
ed by the establishment of new counties to less than twenty miles
square; nor shall any county hereafter be established which shall
contain less than four hundred square miles.

Secsection 35—Within five years after the adoption of this constitution,
all the statute laws of a general nature, both civil and criminal, shall
be revised, digested, and promulgated in such manner as the gene-