The St. Louis directory and register :

ant governor, or other person exercising the powers of governor for
the time being, shall as soon as may be, cause, an election to the held
to fill such vacancy, giving three months previous notice thereof;
and the person elected shall not thereby be rendered ineligible to the
office of governor for the next succeeding term. Nevertheless, if
such vacancy shall happen within eighteen months of the end of the
term for which the late governor shall have been elected, the same
shall not be filled

Secsection 18—The lieutenant governor, or president of the senate pro-
tempore, while presiding in the senate, shall receive the same com-
pensation as shall be allowed to the speaker of the houseof repre-

Secsection 19—The returns of all elections of governor and lieutenant
governor shall be made to the secretary of state, in such manner as
may be prescribed by law.

Secsection 20—Contested elections of governor and lieutenant governor
shall be decided by joint vote of both houses of the general assem-
bly, in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Secsection 21—There shall be a secretary of state, whom the governor,
by and with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint He
shall hold his office four years, unless sooner removed on impeach-
ment. He shall keep a register of all the official acts and proceed-
ings of the governor, and when necessary shall attest them; and he
shall lay the same, together with all papers relative thereto, before
either house of the general assembly whenever required so to do,
and shall perform such other duties as may be enjoined on him by

Secsection 22—The secretary of state shall, as soon as may be, procure
a seal of state, with such emblems and devices as shall be directed
by law, which shall not be subject to change. It shall be called the
``Great Seal of the State of Missouri.'' shall be kept by the secre-
tary of state, and all official acts of the governor, his approbation of
the laws excepted, shall be thereby authenticated.

Secsection 23—There shall be appointed in each county a sheriff, and a
coroner, who, until the general assembly shall otherwise provide,
shall be elected by the qualified electors at the time and place of
electing representatives. They shall serve for two years, and until
a successor be duly appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed
for misdeameanor in office, and shall be ineligible four years in any
period of eight years. The sheriff and coroner shall each give secu-
rity for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office in such man-
ner as shall be prescribed by law Whenever a county shall be here-
after established, the governor shall appoint a sheriff and coroner
therein, who shall each continue in office until the nest general elec-
tion and until a successor shall be duly qualified.

Secsection 24—When vacancies happen in the office of sheriff or coron-
er, they shall be filled by appointment of the governor; and the
persons so appointed shall continue in office until successors shall
be duly qualified, and shall not be thereby rendered ineligible for the
next succeeding term.

Secsection 25—In all elections of sheriff and coroner, when two or more